Zhang Tianai said “the Pearl” shark hide passion play king continent was Jane Zhang Tucao

Fantasy film “shark bead biography” August 11th will visit the mainland cinema. In August 6th, the film premiere held in Beijing, producer Gordon Chan, director Yang Lei, director of vision Lu Beike and starring Zhang Tianai, Sheng Guansen, Wang, He Sui, Yiwei Zhou, et al. Light before meeting “, the theme song singer Jane Zhang also appeared together as” shark bead biography “to help out.

“Shark bead biography” sky city “according to the” nine series of adaptation, tells the pirates shengni air-to-air, detective black feather, Prince clams three because of shark bead acquaintance, against the host seed, save the story of the world. The work is going to be reviewed by the market, and producer Gordon Chan is very nervous, and he has the same mood as the leading lady. Although the “passing from your world”, “father and son” and other films have been the first to release a powerful army, but for her, “shark bead biography” is the real debut after the film’s first starring role. “ I was nervous to shoot could not see, I hope the audience can give us young actor support, brush a few times “shark bead biography”. “&rdquo,” Zhang Tianai said earnestly at the premiere.

Director Yang Lei said, “the film biography” shark bead more than 2300 effects shots, in addition to fantasy world architecture “ u&rdquo, also by Kyushu; “ flying kiss ” to help the king, Zhang Tianai, and other plot consisting of “ CP&rdquo love; design a lot of fantastic emotional drama shot. But the scene, Zhang Tian’ai about emotional drama, but also respect “ will not be asked by the media with &rdquo, and the king; in mainland China, sell a related child, please go to the movies to find the answer. It is Guansen Sheng leaked &ldquo played clam prince; secret ”:“ I thought of a heart beat host, is actually more like a large bulb between them. ”

The same day, “shark bead biography” the theme song of the singer Jane Zhang also appeared in the premiere for the film to help out. Her song “please let love believe you” will be in the film “ finale debut ”. Jane Zhang also recorded the lyrics and hummed two versions of the song. Hero Wang in the background asked her whether the recording before the movie, she also joked “ Tucao ”:“ see the director black you mouth big part. ”

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