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In the cold winter to bring great help to people, according to the inherent characteristics of the carbon fiber heating of carbon materials, and textile materials with porous and capricious, multi-faceted, the ends of pressure conductive, electric energy can be quickly converted into heat, scattered heat through infrared radiation, achieve the heating effect. Well, then, Xiao Bian brings you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber heating.

Advantages of carbon fiber floor heating

1, environmental protection, fashion, do not take up space

The use of foreign materials, processes, and international heating synchronization, remote control, programmable microcomputer controller, installation beautiful and fashionable. Electric power is internationally recognized as an environmental friendly energy source. It does not produce harmful dust or gas or need to be taken care of. Heating system ground laying does not occupy the interior space, reduce decoration costs, indoor furniture arrangement is convenient.

2. Uniform heat dissipation and quick heating

Due to the ground laying, the heat source comparison, radiator cooling area and area to be much larger, and the air convection effect is much better, come quickly. The ground heating tablet is called “ the light of life ” the far infrared effect is good, and basically not wasted.

3, the body feels comfortable

Ground heating source of heat, the human body at the end of the feet have good heating, health care, as the saying goes, “cold feet first cold, old feet first decline.”. The carbon fiber heating room, in addition to the daily heating body feel warmth, and a sense of warmth from the inside out, because the carbon fiber heating far infrared health care function to improve the microcirculation of the human body, make people feel better. Children often play on the floor, climb, sit, throw away toys, and also make noise against the noise made by downstairs neighbors. Many of the health problems of the elderly are more comfortable because of the improvement of the microcirculation in the body.

4, safety, energy saving

The use of foreign technology, according to the domestic environmental safety optimization from the aspects of the production process, manufacturers of authentication and authorization of workers safety construction, use of multiple waterproof construction safety technology in this link (hidden design, vacuum packaging), four layers of insulating materials to ensure safe use of your (barley paper, polyester, epoxy resin, PET engineering plastics). In use, the microcomputer programmable temperature controller is used to ensure safe and energy-saving use.

5 、 installation and maintenance cost is low, long service life

General central heating, light fees as high as 10000 yuan or even tens of thousands of, but also need regular cleaning pipeline. If you are not always at home, the heating fee will be wasted. Compared with carbon fiber under the floor laying cost is much lower, 100 square meters of the house, but the price is generally laid million yuan, usually without maintenance, and product life and the life of the building, which eliminates the intangible costs after installation, so comprehensive installation, use, maintenance costs, carbon fiber the heating system cost is really high. A real cost is a lifelong benefit!

6, rich in function and easy to use

A variety of microcomputer control systems, for different needs of customer choice. It has both simple function temperature controller and LCD programming controller. It is your first choice for the perfect LCD controller with remote control function! Clock, timing switch, fixed temperature switch, room temperature display and remote control switch can be realized.

Disadvantages of carbon fiber heating

1, compared with the traditional ground heating laying time, carbon fiber heating ground construction time than ordinary heating cable long;

2, the current market of carbon fiber heating cable, no metal material to do well, because the carbon fiber heating cable production history, there is no metal heating cable length;

3, carbon fiber floor heating construction process than ordinary metal heating cable more strict, need construction personnel more careful;

4, high-quality carbon fiber heating material is imported, so the manufacturing cost is higher, the price must be higher than the ordinary heating cable;

5, the real carbon fiber heating products, must adopt parallel approach, which for construction requirements more stringent, but for the overall system operation safety and after-sale is the advantage;

6, compared with ordinary floor heating, can not provide hot water.

Editor’s summary: about carbon fiber floor heating advantages and disadvantages introduced here, and I hope to help you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the family network information.

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