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With the development of the times, automatic doors become a modern consumer, people’s dream, and now more and more shopping malls, schools, residential, office buildings are using automatic doors. Moreover, the automatic door system configuration refers to the use of requirements and equipped with automatic door controller connected to the peripheral auxiliary control devices, such as door signal source, access control system, security devices, centralized control. The following Xiaobian introduce the working principle of automatic doors and automatic door notes.

Working principle of automatic door

The basic composition of automatic door is roughly the same, with the above, plus the gate signal can be configured into a set of simple automatic door system, which allows the human action recognition close door control unit for the door open signal, through the drive system in the door, left after the door closed automatically and the realization of control system for the process of opening and closing. Automatic door system configuration refers to the use of requirements and equipped with automatic door controller connected to the peripheral auxiliary control devices, such as door signal source, access control system, security devices, centralized control. The auxiliary control device shall be properly equipped according to the characteristics of the building, the composition of the personnel and the system requirements of the building automation.

Precautions for automatic doors

1, alarm function depends on the performance of the alarm probe, the user should be based on the actual needs of the alarm matching alarm probe. When the controller is complete, it is equipped with a heat release alarm probe. If no alarm, can not Jie probe.

2. The type of the output signal interface of the alarm probe shall be the output interface of the relay, and the supply voltage shall be DC 12— 15V, otherwise the controller can not supply power directly. Probe power consumption should be ≤ 100 ma. According to the scene, can be equipped with more than one probe (usually 1 to 2 is appropriate), multi probe when the use of parallel mode. Probe should avoid other heat source or direct light influence, above should add rainproof cover.

3 、 delay automatic stop function, according to the user’s door body travel settings, factory settings for about 145 seconds.

4, found that the opening and closing direction opposite, the controller’s “ V” “ W” the terminal connection can be switched. Similarly, when the STOP display indicates the direction is contrary to the actual situation, the wiring is adjusted by the same method.

5, the controller failure, by professional technicians to repair or contact with supplier and manufacturer maintenance. To avoid failure to expand the impact of use.

6, the controller should be kept clean, to prevent water ingress or other harmful substances erosion. Enclosure cleaning, no use of organic solvents.

7, the electric door of the cable core generally should not be less than 8 lines (in the past there are 7 lines, wiring is not very reasonable), the door body cable should not contain connector.

8, remote control transmitter should keep the shell well, to prevent extrusion, vibration, drop, water and other phenomena. Pay attention to the battery voltage and replace it when necessary. When the remote control is too close, the battery should be replaced. Battery model is KC12V-23A. Remote control should avoid electromagnetic interference source as far as possible.

Classification of automatic doors

1, sliding door: can be divided into single open, double open, overlapping single open, overlapping double open and arc door. The arc-shaped door leaf moves smoothly along the isolated track, and can be divided into half arc, one-way, half arc, two-way, full arc two-way. In order to maximize the width of the entrance, some push pull (folding) automatic doors can be opened at the end of the fixed fan after coincidence, a manual flat open, also summed up as push and pull automatic doors.

2, revolving door: can be subdivided into central shaft type, round guide rail, suspension type and center display area type, etc..

3, flat door: can be divided into single fan, one-way, double fan, one-way, single fan, two-way and double fan two-way.

4, folding door: can be divided into 2 folding and 4 folding.

5, emergency evacuation automatic door: movable fan and fixed fan can be 90 degrees open.

6, overlap gate: overlap automatic door can be divided into fixed side pages and no overlapping automatic door door fixed page

7, the arc can be divided into: arc, semicircle, full circle, can bring the fixed door page, there will be no fixed door page of arc can be set according to the specific case design, application is very flexible and can be applied to different radian stitching, construct the door body, beautiful and versatile geometry so that the use of Kaiser arc door will become more and more widely.

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