Wooden floor maintenance skills, wooden floor damp how to do 0?

In recent years, wooden floor has been one of the first choice materials for ground decoration in many families. In daily life, the wooden floor cleaning and maintenance time, if the method is wrong, it is easy to damage the surface of the floor, affecting the appearance. Therefore, the next little series for everyone to introduce wooden floor maintenance skills and wooden floor damp, how to do?.

Wood flooring maintenance skills

1, after the floor is paved, should be checked in within two weeks. Long time not to live or not often living room, should put some water in the room and keep the water, or use a humidifier to compensate for indoor heating and open water evaporation; the South rainy season should strengthen ventilation; indoor environment not too dry, not too wet, to prevent cracking wood floor the deformation, shrinkage or expansion.

2, keep the floor clean and dry, with a dry soft wet towel to wipe the floor, dry areas in the north, the dry season use wet cloth to wipe the floor, in the humid climate in the south where the floor mop or wet cleaning water should not be used directly.

3, in order to keep the floor paint beautiful extend career life, every one or two months to play a wax, wax before besmirch wipe up, and then in the surface layer of floor wax evenly, slightly dry with a soft cloth, until smooth and shiny.

4, to prevent strong, persistent sunlight exposure floor, so as not to paint long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation, premature aging and cracking. Avoid household appliances, cold, hot air blowing and baking floors.

5, to prevent the rain soaked floor, balcony, toilet and kitchen to prevent overflow etc., please turn off the tap water or travel; especially not contact with hot water, therefore, the heating pipes do not leak into the water on the floor, the event should be promptly wiped away.

6, heavy metal, glass tiles, anti sharp spikes and hard goods scratch the floor; moving furniture should not push and pull directly on the floor, should raise move and care. Often moving furniture can be glued to a rubber at the bottom.

7, prohibit laying on the floor strong acid and strong alkaline material.

8, the local board inadvertently stains should be removed promptly, if there is a laundry detergent scrub oil available automatic cloth or mop dipped in warm water with a small amount; if the drug or pigment, must be removed the stain does not dissolve into the wood surface before.

What about the damp wood flooring?

1, dry cloth, dry moisture

If the floor is sprinkled with a small amount of water and does not stay long enough, just dry the water on the floor with a dry cloth. Because water is little, and time is short, moisture won’t permeate inside floor, the influence to the floor is little, need not be too nervous.

2. Dry the water and separate the air conditioner

If the wooden floor has not been very serious water immersion, the use of dry cloth and other rapid drying of the floor surface moisture, and then vacuum cleaner from the floor of the seam at the seam of the water vapor sucked. If the water area is not large, hair dryer can be used to air gap if the file will be dry, flooding large area, after the floor surface to drain the water, the doors and windows tightly, put the air conditioning to the minimum temperature, air conditioning refrigeration time, usually one day will be able to dry the floor.

3, bleach against mildew

It is easy to damp floor after no timely processing of words, mildew, dragging a long time will be a large area of moldy. If it is found that the floor has a small amount of mildew, can use warm water and bleach water mixed by 1:3, wet cloth to wipe the floor, until remove mildew. The concentration of bleaching water should not be too high, otherwise it will destroy the floor wax. If the floor has been moldy, it is necessary to remove the moldy floor, replaced with a new floor, so as not to infect other good floors. The most important thing in the wind and rain weather is to close the doors and windows. Besides avoiding the rain entering the room and soaking the floor, it is also important to prevent the injuries such as thunder and lightning to the people inside the room. Furniture and building materials are important, but more important is personal safety.

4, floor water

The floor water, to the floor of the furniture away, try not to tread, and quickly drained the floor surface water. Then take off the skirting board on the edge of the floor as soon as possible, show the expansion joint of the floor, and spread the water vapor through the expansion joint. Remember, never push the floor to dry. That will cause floor damage and may not be used again. If a large area of solid wood flooring has been soaked in water, keep the floor deformation under the shade is very important. The surface finish, should from the gap at the joints of the floor will pry it up with a piece of absorbent cloth to dry, according to &ldquo ” wells; font stack placed below to pad spacing, and the floor on opposite face, prevent surface due to rapid drying caused by dry, should be the same the ventilated shade. In general, as long as the disaster is not serious, the timely rescue, the floor dried by the professional staff, you can continue to use the re surfacing. If the water is compound floor, can be combined with the strengthening, solid wood processing method.

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