Wooden door market downturn in the traditional wooden door enterprises how to develop?

[wooden door industry in the cold this year, personalized wooden door contrarian. In addition, comply with the state proposed by &ldquo &rdquo, the supply side reform;; consumer initiative, which indicates that consumer demand has changed, “ &rdquo behind closed doors and contrary to the trend of the times. It is also because of the doors of the personalized demand, and in recent years the traditional wooden doors market downturn, some people predicted that the custom doors have been “ end ”, will be personalized doors instead, so many custom wooden enterprise is full of a sense of crisis.
One, personalized era of wooden doors
In the personalized magnified era, the rise of personalized doors without reason, according to consumer demand and the actual demand of creative “ tailored ”, the style of building integrated Home Furnishing environment, consumer is the main reason for the individual pay a. But with the development of personalized doors on the market, the market is full of thorns. Custom doors? The future market, what happens?
However, personalization, as a mode of production that emphasizes the individual needs of consumers, is destined to be different from large-scale industrial production. It emphasizes “ quality ” not “ quantity ”. This “ quality ” for personalized wooden doors, that is the need for software, technology, data support. The industry pointed out that at present most personalized enterprise only in &ldquo minor; ”, can not be regarded as real “ personalized ”. Because most businesses do personalized is “ only ” lack of basic skills, without the support of software and corresponding technology, no big data management, and used in batch production, past “ personalized ” for them, just change the color, size, the way to distort the nature of individual “ ”, often shibeigongban, is tantamount to asking for trouble.
Two, to custom wooden door warning
Some people in the industry think, “ wooden door industry in the future trends, personalization is only one aspect, there may be more advanced things to replace it. ” this view is not without foundation, in the normal development of the market law, customization and personalization of these two markets can be said to coexist, who will not replace who or who light who heavy phenomenon.
With 80, 90 has gradually become the main consumer trend, demand for personalized design of the doors also gradually increase, but in the personalized products, not all non-standard products, there are also part of the standard, such as product design is based on the customer’s personalized needs, but the product color, size, style is the factory assigned the same color, size, style and classification of mass production, this is the so-called standard part.
From another perspective, the personalized doors bring a warning to custom doors: consumer demand has shifted, it will pass, change or die. As an entrepreneur puts it: ““ the advantages of an enterprise, the future is not necessarily an advantage.”. ” the custom doors, channel, brand, productive, but if you do not take advantage of change, to explore the road of innovation, not to go into the new technology, to create a strong design strength, improve product quality and quality, how to meet consumer demand? How to kill Bourne our way out?

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