Wooden door enterprises should apply the 28 theorem actively to maximize the value

[28] theorem for the doors of businesses, it is 80% of the profits from the 20% projects, it is likely the 20% segments, products will occupy 80% of the enterprise sales and profits or 20% employees accounted for 80% of the sales profits. Therefore, in order to maximize the profits of wood enterprises, we should grasp the 28 theorems and seize the value created by those 20% parts!
A wooden door enterprise funds and manpower are limited, want to really “ do everything, ” almost impossible, want to focus on everything, than the key breakthrough. That is, wooden doors enterprises should learn to allocate the funds and manpower rationally, and use 80% of the resources in 20% of the products and employees who can produce the key benefits, and then let the 20% of these parts drive the development of the remaining 80%.
First of all, wood enterprises to use 28 theorem to determine the strategic goal of enterprise development, to determine the 20% can bring 80% benefits for the enterprise’s goal, and make more resources; secondly, the doors of businesses can use 28 20% theorems to put more resources into production and sales can create 80% benefit products; finally, the doors of businesses can also use 28 theorems in the enterprise internal management, remove some can only create 20% of the profits of the human resources training, more support can create 80% of the profits of the employees.
First of all, wooden door enterprises can use the 28 theorem to analyze customer value on the basis of customer segmentation, to determine the purchase of 80% of the product’s 20% customer base. Then, according to the analysis of this population, the specific understanding of the specific demand for the products and service of this population; finally, the doors of businesses to invest more resources for the production of high-quality products, provide quality services to meet the needs of these customers, keep this kind of customers.
Wooden door enterprises should actively apply the 28 theorem to allocate resources, identify key audiences, maximize the value of products, services and manpower, and then maximize the profits of enterprises!

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