Wooden door enterprise scale is different, transformation development mode is different

[] in 2016 can be said to be a year of each kind of sound Public opinions are divergent., around the enterprise side, the road ahead is not clear, lost no solution, so many doors entrepreneurs feel pressure; Chinese economic downturn, as to the entrepreneur neck with a heavy yoke, making it difficult to breathe, good real estate policy so many doors of businesses see hope, but these favorable policies lag situation is undoubtedly the enterprises have to face, how in the strategic planning of 2016 custom right, is the priority among priorities; precise attack, in order to ensure the lowest risk; strategy selection of a lighthouse to choose darkness, illuminate the road for the enterprise. The more chaotic the city, the more calm response.
I. strategic transformation of group enterprises
For a group of enterprises, diversification, involves a number of industries; serious analysis of the current policy and enterprise survival environment assessment of the enterprise value chain is an important role to sort out one by one, to identify whether the resource and market environment, adjust the group members; role position, drawing new profit model; of course, including the transformation of the mode of strategic transformation many, but here refers to intra industry strategic transformation and external value chain transformation; many enterprises mentioned the transformation is the capital into unfamiliar areas, and enterprise resources and knowledge structure cannot match, eventually leading to the transformation of death.
Strategy is the direction, tactical method, strategic transformation is in response to the changing situation and environment and make reasonable adjustments, the ultimate goal is to make the enterprise resources and external environment, so as to achieve maximum benefit. For example, the role of members exchanging positions, is responsible for the generation of profits before, is now responsible for the long-term development, supporting the development of the former, is now the main role of profit and so on, in a word, the development of enterprises but can not remain unchanged, only a clear understanding of the situation and the environment in addition to its precise layout is the multiplier.
Two, management reform promotes development
With an old saying in the field of management “ season off-season performance, control ” market downturn, fine management is particularly important, how to achieve the strategic goal, the key lies in fine control, establish the correct control mode, performance method for enterprise development escort; enterprise strategic objectives and clear is the strategic decomposition, how to make every post clear guiding their daily work; how to make the performance management staff’s daily work and strategic objectives; how to use the fine control of internal cost reduction, improve efficiency; all these point to the key index that is “ fine control ”.
Fine control is to clear the implementation of the strategy, reduce the strategic risk, finally realize the occupation planning and strategic objectives coincide employees, to realize the strategy down to every post and guide its implementation, to ensure the implementation of the results of effective.
Three, medium-sized enterprises win steady
Those who fight in order to exact; Wenzhongqiusheng, is a relatively moderate strategic choice for the majority of medium-sized wood enterprises, in the development of enterprises, but also a relatively easy to implement effective strategic choice. The first is &ldquo strategic demands obviously; the stability of ”, not input, do not do multiple choice, not blind expansion, the existing business is good business characteristics of such enterprises; at the same time, the advantages of centralized resources is necessary for such strategic choice, all the advantages of enterprise’s resources are concentrated in the development of the project in order to fully prepare, to ensure the effective results;
Four, the horizontal and vertical horizontal trend breakout
“ the new economic norm, the real estate downturn, the decline in the purchasing power of ” and so on, it is before the interception, after the pursuers in 2015; the number of housing prices can be said to have an encounter with the national policy, facing the policy impact, is truly tragic; a battle that also gave many wooden enterprise thinking in 2016, what is more, or taking advantage of breakthrough; halt the troops and wait, positive blow or circuitous strategy; is waiting for the opportunity, or create opportunities; 2016 for the doors of enterprise is “ OR ” China trap pie; more than 30 years after the economy running, how to think about their own living environment of enterprises, many enterprises predators why always doors the upstream, the mystery and the solution is — brand building.
In the night before, desire is the most light guide for the moment, the doors of businesses, brands are facing the pressure of the swords of destiny, is the best way to deal with a variety of changes in the market, policy change, the brand is a kind of consumer psychological dependence, psychological suggestion, even self reflect consumers. For the two class in the development of enterprises, 2016 more opportunities, most enterprises have a good development in the capital chain, complete knowledge, and the control mode, in this environment, brand has become a godsend, lay the foundation in 2016 through the whole enterprise brand planning and communication strategy, provide power full of fuel for the next 3 year plan, in the market, such enterprises will appear blowout, Shirupozhu became the industry leader, this is Huarun, Carpoly and other predators into cheats.
No matter what kind of enterprise, choose what kind of strategy, I believe that should be carefully designed, carefully combed, 2016 what kind of landscape will be, I think every wooden door enterprises have their own mind a painting roll. This is an important year, and it is the opportunity for many enterprises as well as opportunities for many enterprises.

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