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When the season changes, the wooden furniture in the house is prone to crack because of thermal expansion and cold contraction. Especially when winter comes, the temperature and humidity will change obviously. The frequency of the arch and other problems on the floor will increase. Therefore, it is important to do a comprehensive maintenance of the floor. Next, we will introduce the winter floor maintenance.

Winter floor maintenance

1, winter floor waxing

The wooden floor get consumers to own natural texture, high performance and comfortable feeling. But the geothermal heating user’s home wood floor after a winter time may appear cracks. To solve this problem, only in the winter to the floor of a solid wax, the floor will be able to retain the water sealed, to avoid winter geothermal heating caused by floor water loss contraction.

2 、 room humidity is maintained 50%

Winter climate is relatively dry, as far as possible to shorten the window opening time, and appropriately increase indoor humidity, not only good for people, the maintenance of the floor is also very helpful. Many people may think that the winter window to let the outside air in, so that indoor temperature drops, you can weaken the floor from the seam phenomenon. As a matter of fact, the real reason for the appearance of the seams is moisture rather than temperature. In addition, the higher the air temperature, the more saturated water content, that is to say, winter indoor humidity is higher than the outdoor. Changing outdoor cold air will only make the room drier. Equipped with an air humidifier is the most direct and effective, the room humidity is best controlled at 50%-60%, for the human body and the floor is more humid level.

3, quench, sudden heat damage

In the course of heating the floor, quenching and sudden heat can cause damage to the floor. In the open and closed geothermal process should be gradual, the temperature dips swells and will affect the service life of the floor.

Floor repair skills

1, increase humidity, avoid direct “ water fill ”

The winter indoor dry, very easy to cause the floor cracks, thus increasing the humidity of floor surface can effectively alleviate the floor cracking and warping problem, but for the floor moisture, avoid large-scale direct water “ ”, and should actively adjust the indoor humidity.

Spring indoor should maintain a certain temperature and humidity, in general, the temperature should be below 28 degrees, humidity maintained at 50% to 70% between the better, should not be less than 40%. Such temperature and humidity can keep the wood floor in a relatively stable state. If natural moisture is not available, humidifier can be used to wet it.

2, the number of floor waxing should not be too much

Dry climate, especially at present still indoor heating, easy to cause the indoor air more dry, so the general residents in order to make the floor more moisture, it increased too much the number of floor waxing in order to extend the life of the floor. In fact, if the number of waxing is too frequent, it will cause damage to the floor. Because of frequent waxing will lead to wax wax, wax overlay, and the two wax layer in the middle of the ash layer, affect waxing effect. Therefore, waxing the floor properly can prevent moisture, damage, increase surface brightness and facilitate cleaning.

Most of the family is now laying laminate flooring, flooring itself should not be waxing, because wood floor surface wear-resistant paper, composition of “ three &rdquo, two aluminum oxide; the metal layer for wax can not penetrate into the inner floor, can only be attached to the surface of floor. After waxing, people will leave footprints when walking, affecting the floor beautiful and difficult to wipe and take care of. The laying of reinforced floor can be wiped with a dry cloth, and then the maintenance of liquid care, it is difficult to wipe the place, with a special cleaning agent removed.

3. Prevent small particles from scratching the floor

Tiny grit stays on the floor for a long time, and traces of sand wear appear on the floor as it moves back and forth. Therefore, it is important to keep the floor clean. Dust or gravel should be immediately vacuumed and cleaned. The gray gravel on the floor should not be treated with damp rags and mops. During the process, the dirt and gravel which are wrapped in it will cause the surface of the floor film to be abraded and scratched.

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