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The role of soundproof windows is also often seen in our lives, it can be said that it is an integral part of the living environment. If the sound insulation effect is not good, then the outdoor noise will spread to the interior, the Home Furnishing in leisure or work who undoubtedly is a torment, and window insulation effectively absorb acoustic transparent glass, the effective noise isolation, therefore has become the necessary building materials household items. The following is a brief introduction to window insulation and the types of soundproof windows. “

Window soundproof method

1, converted to windows, soundproof windows

If the window in the house is not wide enough, or feel that adding a soundproof window, ventilation performance is not good enough, you can also remove the original window, converted to a low frequency sound barrier window. Now, the double hollow windows are mainly used for sound insulation, and this method can also play a role in isolating traffic noise. But from the sound insulation effect, it is worse to install a soundproof window.

2, put on the window soundproof film

Sound insulation film is a multilayer structure, composed of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) resin insulation layer will be caught in the middle. The entire intermediate film is uniformly distributed with particles with heat insulation effect (heat insulation particles). When building a sound barrier film, a high-performance intermediate film sandwiched between the membranes has visible light transmission properties, thus preventing visible light transmission from the building and maintaining a clear view. Windows soundproof film is cheaper, and the use of the same as the cell phone film.

3, sound insulation curtain

Sound insulation curtain window mounted inside the box girder in the top box with the curtains, curtain curtain box is provided with a roll shaft, the curtain roll in the roll axis and through the curtains at the bottom of the box through a joint out of the curtain box and two side window curtain slide relative sides are respectively provided with two side of a curtain. The edge can respectively in the inner sliding window, a bedplate is arranged on the bottom of the curtain bottom groove, curtain box seam and two curtains and curtain chute bottom groove on the inner surface of the groove are provided with sealing strips, and are in the same plane, driven by a coil spring and fall or rise and fall of cable cable the cable, the curtain bottom moves up and down, roll forward and reverse rotation of the roll shaft is arranged on the curtain down and away, so the curtain projecting from the curtain box, after the curtain, curtain curtain into the chute bottom bottom groove, the window will complete seal Closed, so as to use curtains to complete the closure of the windows and sound insulation. Some places like movie theaters use soundproof curtains, and they work well.

4, install the window sound insulation sealing strip

Sound insulation seal, only for the poor seal window effective, the price is also very cheap, but to determine whether the sound barrier is not a window gap caused by large, or paste it useless. The sealing strip is to stop the gap in the window, as it does with the soundproof cotton.

5, add a layer of soundproof window

Soundproof windows are made of double or three layers of homogeneous or glass, different thicknesses of glass and window frames. The glass used will be thicker than ordinary window glass. But the price of this kind of soundproof window is usually 800 yuan \/ square meter, ~1300 yuan \/ square meter, and the price of ventilation device is higher. When consumers buy, the best to shop for the inspection report, check the volume size to determine the partition. In addition, it is best to agree with the merchant in the contract to install sound insulation window to achieve the sound insulation effect.

6, plus a layer of ordinary plastic steel window

This method applies to outdoor traffic noise is not particularly serious, and the window in the house is relatively wide, then you can in the original window or inside the outer side of an ordinary plastic steel windows. Plastic window to choose good sealing, two windows between the best distance of 10 cm above the cavity. The tightness of casement window is better than that of sliding window, so it is better to install casement window. This kind of plastic steel window is relatively low in cost. Want to use the most cost-effective way to reduce noise impact, you can consider first on the glass paste sound insulation film, and then put a seal on the window gap, and then change a sound effect of good curtains. The operation is simple and the price is low.

Types of soundproof windows

1, double vacuum

Double vacuum glass and double hollow glass completely different in structure and manufacture, double hollow glass simply put two pieces of glass are bonded together, sandwiched between the air layer and double-layer vacuum glass is supported between two pieces of glass with film in vacuum and high temperature environment so that the two pieces of glass fused completely and intermediate two pieces of glass is vacuum, vacuum degree of double-layer vacuum glass is impossible to achieve 100% vacuum, but a window is so big, and sound of love bridge so much, these are just a tiny sound bridge can be ignored. In fact, vacuum glass and insulating glass insulation performance is not much difference.

2, double

Double glass is in the middle of the two layers of glass with a layer of film material, and this film with vacuum glass support with a material vacuum glass support is so small that can be ignored, and laminated glass and glass film is big, also is all is the supporting point of the noise. Certainly supported by conduction, of course if there is a good window profile, good windows seal, double glass can be a part of the sound insulation effect. In fact, the laminated glass is mainly designed for safety, some stations, public places with laminated glass.

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