Window leakage reasons, window air leakage how to do 0?

I believe that many families will encounter window leakage problems, but also often plagued by this. When the weather is fine, if it rains suddenly, it is miserable. Nowadays, people have a fast pace of life and seldom have time to wait for the maintenance personnel to come home. If we can master some common knowledge and solutions to the leakage of the window, we will save some time and money. The following small for everyone to introduce the cause of the window leakage and window air leakage how to do?.

Causes of window leakage

1, poor material

Today’s windows, the more materials used are broken bridge, heat insulation aluminum or plastic steel windows, aluminum alloy windows have been rarely used, and gradually been eliminated in the manufacture of doors and windows. But even if you buy a broken bridge, insulated aluminum or plastic steel windows, you should also pay attention to the material. If the material itself is not good, the window after a few years, there will be deformation, once deformation occurs, then the sealing of the window will be destroyed, there will be air leakage. Therefore, for window sealing, we must first select the material. If it is caused by material problems, you can only replace the new window to solve.

2, the installation is not in place

The quality of the window itself is not a problem, and if it is not installed in place, it is also an important cause of air leakage. When installing, pay attention to the safety of the window. Once there is no safety, it will become more and more crooked. The window frame and the wall will have gaps, so the air leakage will be taken for granted. The second is to focus on filling gaps between the window frame and the wall, such as foam solidified to evenly with sealant on the window frame around, which can prevent air leakage, but also can prevent the outside rain entering the room, the window is the best inside and outside two parts are painted. If there is no sealant can appear styrofoam powder, a long time will air leakage. The window frame and the wall cracks, not just from the inside on the putty can not solve the problem long, there will still be seam leakage. Smaller cracks, you can also paste their own beauty paper, and then put on sealant, the wall outside the gap can only find professionals to operate. When the installation is not in place, please ask the workers to install and glue again.

3, parts failure

There is also a common air leakage due to aging cracks in the sealing strip, which led to the leakage of the window. Or styrofoam is too soft, appear powder sealing effect. These two cases, you can change their own seals, and if you do not know the replacement, you can ask professional staff to operate, and finally to do their own good acceptance. Window air leakage will also appear sound insulation, heat preservation and other problems. Therefore, the window leakage, how sealed each family should understand, once the problem can be resolved as soon as possible, does not affect the comfort of daily life.

What about window air leakage?

1, old windows, windows, mezzanine

For double layers of old-fashioned windows, the best way is to fill the window and the window at the interval filled with sawdust, sawdust can solve the window moisture, but also to block the bottom of the window of the most intense cold air. For such windows windows, can use kraft paper and paste sealing, to ensure airtight high temperature.

2, plastic windows plus plastic layer

Plastic steel window used for a long time, easy ventilation, interface gap is too large, can not be bonded. The best way is to put a sponge around the window, and then put the whole window with plastic cover, plastic absorption and airtight, the temperature is very good.

3 window gap treatment

If there is a gap between the window frame and the wall, the gap after cleaning with foam padding, and then use the high grade cement sand to fill the gap, and finally do the repair finishes; air leakage between the window frame and the window sash can be considered together with the sealing strip, blankets etc.. If the gap is great, it is better to add a plastic steel window in the original window.

4, install windows legacy

First, workers installed in place the remaining problems and the product itself has a problem, the reason the product you should find dealers or manufacturers, if workers in the installation of a problem, can be disassembled and reassembled on the line; or the first after the window and the gap with the wall to clean up the door, go in with foam plug, followed by cement and sand filled into the gap, and finally do repair.

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