Why smart home industry solutions into the dilemma?

[] intelligent Home Furnishing after ten years of brewing, speculation, promotion, now more and more close to people’s life, intelligent products in China Home Furnishing decades of rapid economic development today, will fall from concept, has become an important tool to change people Home Furnishing habits.
    but a few years ago &ldquo Home Furnishing; intelligent ” concept of flying did not get the consumer’s identity, praised “ ”, really let the industry confused.
    for the development of intelligent Home Furnishing industry, the professional experts had done make painstaking efforts: investigation and analysis of many reasons, it is difficult to solve. As a result, many domestic small entrepreneurs have to grope, struggle forward.
    in fact, with the rapid development of the real estate industry Chinese, Home Furnishing, intelligent community, intelligent Intelligent Building has shown an increasing trend, but we have been “ intelligent Home Furnishing ” the limitations of the concept of relative narrow. In many domestic buildings, have mostly used the intelligent control system or equipment intelligent lighting and public equipment, the system equipment suppliers, basically use the distributed bus, all dominated by foreign brands.
    in fact, it is easy to see that smart home faces two urgent problems to solve:
    one is the popularization and application of a large scale in the Chinese market, and it needs the popularization of price and perfect service network. Secondly, the function of the product must be practical and reliable, and it is convenient to implement and maintain.
    the need to start from the solution of the intelligent Home Furnishing products, how to design suitable for intelligent application of China Home Furnishing family of solutions to the production of appropriate products and provide a relatively low price.
    technical route of the current market intelligence Home Furnishing manufacturers to use into the bus, RF RF (radio), PLC (power line carrier), the control system, and in recent years began to stir Zigbee and Z-Wave wireless network technology. There is no doubt that in the field of intelligent buildings and smart homes, distributed buses are in the lead, even monopoly.
    at present, the use of radio frequency technology, central control systems, power line communications and 2.4G networking system, the lack of “ tall ” construction of large-scale applications in the case.
    in the application level of intelligent control network, through wireless RF networking, PLC communication and Zigbee cellular network, the biggest deficiency is that the reliability is low, and the wireless signal is easily disturbed and unstable. Radio frequency signal transmission in reinforced concrete floors and partitions is of poor reliability, which is why high-end buildings are not selected.
&emsp:   therefore, the distributed bus technology is still a relatively sound and economical solution for the smart home in the dense environment of Chinese residential buildings.
    &ldquo throughout the domestic large and small Home Furnishing; intelligent ” system equipment suppliers, identify industry market potential is enormous, but most manufacturers due to the lack of powerful distributed intelligent control field bus core technology, only another way, hope to solve Home Furnishing through other way wiring problems.
    but Home Furnishing including electrical wiring, lighting, household appliances, such as air conditioning, exhaust fan, water heater, electric curtains, audio-visual equipment need wiring, so the wiring link is around but bend in Home Furnishing decoration.
    by &ldquo ” wireless communication; way does provide centralized control in response to some of the house has been renovated, such as remote control, mobile phone function upgrade, but the wall switch Home Furnishing most basic application function is difficult to upgrade, no interconnection and mutual control and on the market! Type remote control switch still need to solve the problem of power supply itself, and the zero line into switches, or powered by battery, that is to say, not as some manufacturers boast that, can directly solve the already decorated residential intelligent control problem.
    so, this kind of RF or PLC by RF power line carrier technology products, because of the system’s stability and reliability are congenitally deficient, even through tointensify promotion to open the local market, but also solve the problem of surface.
    that is China intelligent market in the future will be Home Furnishing imported brands in the world? Imported brand monopoly in the field of high-end intelligent building, but also is used in the family, the smart Home Furnishing market, because of its high price prohibitive, cloth line relatively trouble and other reasons, in a disadvantageous position and this is why some domestic RF remote control system, control system, PLC system or 2.4G RF technology, there will be some market opportunities.
&emsp:   therefore, consumers are actually in the dilemma of choice; the import is too expensive and the domestic product is unstable. Of course, this market has been a lot of “ smart home ” edge manufacturers use, playing edge ball, confusing concept, so that consumers are at a loss what to do. So, the slow development of the market is not surprising.
    if a system, a product is not technically feasible, it is bound to produce quality products, market development, industry growth also presents such a dilemma.
&emsp:   without a doubt, finding smart home solutions best suited to the Chinese market has become a very challenging problem. It is clear that this technology solution is most likely to find the answer in the distributed bus technology approach. I predict that if the smart home products into the ordinary people’s family, priced at less than 10 thousand yuan, the market demand will be explosive amplification.

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