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Is the wall warm or warm? With the improvement of living standards, has gradually become a warm winter heating tool for ordinary families, of course, the warm type is many, so you can make different families according to their actual needs to choose, this is not a netizen in Qijia network consulting “ good or good wall warm warm, so warm wall ” or warm? For this problem, the author thinks that we should look at it in two parts, and then we introduce it concretely.

First of all, we have a detailed analysis of the wall warming, of course, there are many types of wall warming, we in this article to carbon crystal wall warming specific introduction. Compared with general heating, crystal wall warm small and thin, does not occupy the indoor space, such as large-sized apartment families are more advantages; while in use and more healthy and effective, no electromagnetic radiation, because the main energy carbon crystal wall heating power is very much, users are concerned about the release of electromagnetic radiation and other harmful substances. In fact, carbon crystals, with their far-infrared health care function, can speed up the metabolism of users, similar to sunbathing, so it is the advantage of wall warming.

Again we come to this warm, warm take the bottom-up heating mode, which can guarantee the high degree of comfort, but also due to warm ground radiation heating, gives a &ldquo bottom heating mode; warm cold feet ” health effect; at the same time in the heating effect, also has not small the advantages, such as the uniform heat dissipation, and good heating effect. There is a floor heating installation will be uniformly laid under the floor, floor heating pipe and uniform cooling, heating system is stable, does not appear sometimes hot and sometimes cold situation, this is a big reason why we are willing to choose warm.

What kind of warm or warm warm wall?? for this problem we simply analyzed, hoping to help people in need of some help, of course, the specific installation or the installation of strong warm and warm, which requires everyone to combine their own actual situation, such as family, and the family apartment layout area staff to choose suitable is the best.

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