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The cooking machine only borrowed the name of the food, and it didn’t seem to have much to do with cooking. In a Soybean Milk, grinding powder, juice, ice cream, meat stuffing, playing a multifunctional machine of female beauty mask deployment in a function, called food machine. Now more and more brands, then what brand of cooking machine good? Here’s a brief introduction to the next machine which brand, okay?.

Which brand is good for cooking machine 1, Joyoung cooking machine?

Joyoung food machine design more fashion, using the panel design of pink, a pattern design, a simple panel of bright colors, some girls love, angular lines smooth, in front of the operation button design, convenient operation, non slip design at the bottom of the body, the handle is relatively stable, reasonable design, convenient taking.

Which brand is good for cooking machine 2, Braun cooking machine?

Braun food machine K600 design more personalized, and are different from the general cooking machine, with a splash stirring rod, motor design and two super speed choice, to make it more stirring quickly, six way multi function design, more convenient mass, the current market price of this machine is 1669 yuan, the price is higher.

Which brand is good for cooking machine? 3 and TCL cooking machine

The design uses the TCL button to move food, health is more delicious, the knife surface using a combination of three-dimensional blade pay, can be completely polished, leaving no removable head, easy to clean, safe start device, use more secure, independent of the juice cup design, durable material, can be used for Fresh Juice, dry grinding, mixing, meat, milk shakes, function is more comprehensive.

Which brand is good for cooking machine 4, SUPOR cooking machine?

SUPOR is a set of cooking machine mixing, squeezing, do Soybean Milk, dry grinding, meat functions in one machine, complete function, health nano silver ion blade design, has the sterilization effect, and high hardness, durable, three speed mode, the speed can be adjusted freely, double protection, full protection computer security, magic knife seat device easy to be washed clean, convenient disassembly, design of automatic cleaning function, a key to complete, time-saving.

Which brand is good for cooking machine 5, SUPOR cooking machine SJ203A-250?

SUPOR is a multifunctional food machine cooking machine set mixing, squeezing, do Soybean Milk, dry grinding is one of the more complete function, the internal use of the tool design quality, durable and easy to wear, the tour guide magic knife easy to clean cleaning device, detachable parts, easy cleaning, two speed with dynamic model design, the speed can be adjusted freely, multiple safety protection settings, the use of more security.

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