Which brand is 0 for multi-function cooking machine?

Multifunctional cooking machine must have a lot of people see the name of the first impression will think this is a cooking machine, in fact, cooking machine is actually Soybean Milk, grinding powder, fruit juice, and ice, meat stuffing for women beauty mask deployment of a series of functions of a multi function machine. Which brand is good for multifunctional cooking machines? The following small series, a brief description of the multi-function cooking machine which brand okay?.

1, genuine Philips\/, PHILPS stainless steel baby juice processor

Reminder: the juice rate is high, super good wash innovation without knife, easy cleaning time; no oxidation oxidation more authentic pulp juice nutrition; ultra quiet DC motor noise 5%, enjoy more comfortable juice large capacity continuous juice for 20 minutes, the separation of professional juice, juice residue; PTT. Smart: DC motor. The power is strong, stable performance. PHILPS electronics is one of the world’s largest electronics company, ranked first in europe. The world leader in color television, lighting, electric shavers, medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitors, and single-chip television products. PHILPS employs 166500 people, active in lighting, consumer electronics, home appliances, semiconductors and medical systems in more than 60 countries.

PHILPS is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (codenamed PHG), London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and other stock exchanges. In 2003, the company’s sales were 29000000000 euros. The company employs more than 164000 people in more than 60 countries. Philip is an integrated group with Q consumer appliances, Philip semiconductors, Philip lighting, Philip medical systems, Philip family, small appliances, and personal care. Ranked tenth among the fortune 30 in the fortune electronics industry. If you want to squeeze the fruit drink, mask, summer can not need to do Soybean Milk, suggest you buy PHILPS! Which do moulter effect want to be much better than Joyoung!! Joyoung Soybean Milk machine is very good, but the food machine PHILPS or PHILPS is in a good! The price is not expensive!

2, guest Pu JE2000 stainless steel household electric fruit juice machine, cooking machine

Products exquisite workmanship, showing the beauty of luxury. A new generation of Ke Pu Juice Fountain juicer, the Ke Pu exclusive AMD drive technology, dramatically reducing the noise and vibration, hand polished metal fittings luxurious visual enjoyment: even subtle design. The knob also after thousands of times the reality test. Just easy to twist the knob is smooth rotation! Pu Pu strictly ensure that each product meets the requirements of group GFP (GREEN FAMILY PROJECT, green home program), so that our products become members of the Green family, green earth.

Uphold the pursuit of quality, creative and good life, the application will ke Pu green living ideas and hundreds of leading technology, into home appliances R & D and production, the Ke Pu healthy living appliances at the forefront of the world. The ice cream machine, juicer, mixer, small refrigerator, microwave oven, electric oven, electric stove, electric kettle, yogurt machine, toaster, household kitchen appliances, high-end products, not indulging in health-related quality of life family which also happens with &ldquo & rdquo; home feeling perfect; blend together.

3, the processing machine, South Korea original authentic Hui people, juice machine, cooking hand HU-200

The Hui juice machine known as HU series products are original Korean models, HU-200 added nano silver ion added components of this technology is now a high technological content, have antimicrobial effect, so the consensus! Recommended: customer groups requiring higher quality of life! Hui Yuan juice machine is Korea East Asia Co., Ltd. products, from the function point of view, Hui man machine is the function of cooking hand more, such as mixing noodles, grinding and other functions. The hand dish is difficult for the meat to twist because it is plastic. So don’t expect him to mince the meat.

Juice machine is mainly juice, his advantage is that the juice rate is higher, especially fruit juice more food is particularly evident. For example, tomatoes, etc., this state of food, dishes can not cope with the hand. So suggest that if you want to juice, or choose to benefit people juice machine. If you want to look at all aspects of the performance, the dishes are a good choice. But now people – as companies in the rectification China market, domestic cooking hand and juice machine price control is very strict, not directly out of hand food. Juice machine is a substantial increase in prices

4, North American electrical appliances AHM-PE350A food multi-function cooking machine

9 speed adjustment, blue backlight display, stainless steel stirring rod, with the splash blade cover, anti-skid switch button, select function: egg, vegetable, meat, ice, mixed, rice paste, stir soup, milk shakes in 1934, the global home appliances brand founder -ACA (Appliance Co of America North America electrical) was born in the United States. For 73 years, has been dedicated to “ professional intelligent household appliances ” research and development and manufacturing. Over the years, &ldquo, green, health, human quality, intelligent environmental protection &rdquo, has made ACA as the leading global appliance R & D and manufacturing leader brand! In view of Chinese has become a global industrial manufacturing base “ ” trend, North American appliances as a leading brand of innovation and never lag behind: in 2000, North American electric investment and built the world’s largest production base in Zhuhai China; 2001, North America established a world-class &ldquo in Zhuhai; global appliance technology R & D center ”. Today, North American electrical appliances has become a global group of research and development, manufacture and sale of commercial and household electrical appliances.

At present, the North American Electric has completed the transition from pure western home appliances to the Western appliance manufacturers, sales in the area China products include: electric oven, pressure cooker, electric kettle, induction cooker, gas oven, food cooking machine, electric steamer, coffee machine, bread machine etc.. Beginning in 2000, North American electrical appliances pioneered the global production and research and development base has been relocated to Zhuhai, china. Lasted 7 years, the North American electrical appliance fans of the world’s top domestic appliance R & D personnel more than 260, with an average annual development of new products 500, leading the global new trend of home appliance development.

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