What reason is metope latex paint craze? Early knowledge, early prevention, 0

Many brush latex paint family, used in housing for a long time, will find a few obvious cracks on the wall, it is latex paint cracking. Latex paint cracking is a very troublesome problem, not only affect the appearance, but also bring a lot of trouble, let us look at the wall latex paint cracking, what is the reason?
1., latex paint quality is not pass
Some Chinese consumers will see latex paint packaging while ignoring its inherent material when choosing latex paint, some businesses deliberately exaggerated the production of good quality latex paint, consumers easily exaggerated packaging misleading, buy is fake latex paint, the general quality of the products of inferior latex paint, adhesion and the covering power is certainly limited, if buy fake latex paint, so the wall may result in cracking and discoloration, at this point, consumers can check to verify the single product inspection.

2. there is a problem in the construction process
Developers with careless in the construction process, will lead to the original wall, the original wall consists mainly of plaster layer cracks and hollowing, putty layer hollowing.

For example, after brushing improper wall grooving repair cracks in wall plastering cement shrinkage, the ratio is not accurate, the ratio of wall putty or improper scraping is not uniform, so consumers in Shoufang, be sure to carefully check the quality of the wall, once found, the decoration must be done for the treatment. In addition, may also be the original room insulation layer cracks, resulting in wall cracking after decoration.

3. over time lead to
If the quality of latex paint pass, but also not the problem of the original wall, then it may be after renovation, with the passage of time gradually crack.

As time goes on, there will be inevitable housing subsidence or gypsum ceiling deformation settlement. The settlement of the house is the most common in the old multi-storey apartment buildings, which is characterized by the appearance of 45&deg on the wall and the directional cracks. If the old apartment for floor structure, so the cracks often occur in the combination of two floors, according to different crack status, need to take different measures to repair cracks, prevent future wall paint cracking.

Gypsum board ceiling general use two kinds of technique, one is the use of natural wood wood keel, due to the lack of stability, the general construction is not in place or bad treatment will lead to deformation caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the surface, the other is a light steel keel, sometimes the decoration company in order to save material, to increase the keel spacing, resulting in gypsum board on the settlement.

Wall paint cracking is a common phenomenon in many families, especially in long living rooms. In advance to understand the reasons for the wall paint cracking, in the choice of latex paint choice of high-quality glue, in the construction of real-time supervision of the wall, it can extend the service life of latex paint.

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