What led to the difficult sale of wooden door products?

[] many doors operate their own brand agents said that manufacturers to price for products have no advantage in the market, so the sales volume is not very ideal, it is difficult to form a brand influence in the minds of consumers. Basically just said objective reasons, and for their products in the sales process, on the performance of consumer products, product demand, customer service service is not clear positioning and cognition, in fact dealers need to pay attention to these doors.
First of all, heavy prices ignore quality. In the selected program on the dealers and some manufacturers are rough, they are related to the distributors of the product knowledge training and distribution support enough, dealers need to conduct product training, from the active consciousness of identity brand value in order to better distribution in practice of brand promotion and publicity. The above factors lead to dealers in the actual distribution link is the price advantage to lure the terminal, squeeze competing products more, but this effect is very dangerous.
Price equals profit. Dealers in the terminal shipments, entangled in the price cheap, welcome by nature to a certain extent, but no matter if you are thrown to the quality, keep the price down, sacrifice is the terminal distribution benefits, profit margins become smaller, consumers benefit, and distribution of the significance is lost. Prices are consumer oriented, profits are part of the distribution and terminal links, prices and profits are closely related, but they can not draw equal sign.
In fact, it reflects the &ldquo manufacturers to dealers; not the price advantage of ” said, manufacturers generally give only a guide price, the sale price is the real need according to the actual situation of local dealers set their own. The dealer and wooden products sales price and product quality, price, promotion, local consumption standard and other factors are involved, in the role of these factors, when the price close to the cost of wooden products will not sell, some marketing problems, such as wood products features not clear to the customer the difference of the product, not to let the user feel, service and related maintenance can not keep up, leading consumers of wood products do not understand, do not trust, naturally affect sales. So the terminal only wooden door sales should jump out of the vicious circle of price, return to basic speaking quality, speaking mode, the quality of the things speak out, to distinguish from other competing products that speak out, let consumers know the product features and advantages, willing to use and spread. When the recommended products, but also in the dealer store layout, display and operation method for distribution pattern some suggestions and help customers to their own success, good model introduced, which is a higher level of cooperation, but also more long-term cooperation.
Dealers must know that a product to successfully enter the market, in addition to product quality guarantee, rely on the brand management in the business, with integrity, professional and service to consumers and customers left a deep impression, in addition, targeting products on the market is correct, whether the docking, publicity and whether the customer share and spread of the target population is also very important, the lack of reputation and communication channels, good products, and cheap price is no good.

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