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Now the renovation projects are included in the water, many people do not understand what types of waterproof materials, has a waterproof material type, want to know more about some waterproof material knowledge, waterproof material is not usually able to contact. Next, with the small series together to understand what kinds of waterproof materials, you know?

Waterproof material type, waterproof coiled material

Waterproof roll can be divided into asphalt waterproof material, polymer modified waterproof roll and synthetic polymer waterproof roll three major categories. Asphalt waterproof coiled material: asphalt waterproof coiled material is a kind of coiled flake waterproof material made by spraying asphalt on the base tire (such as base paper and fiber fabric) and then spreading the powder or flaky insulating material on the surface.

Waterproof material type two, building waterproof coating

Building waterproof coating is mainly divided into polyurethane waterproof coating and polymer cement based composite waterproof coating. Polymer cement based composite waterproof coating, referred to as JS waterproof coating, is a kind of two-component water resistant building waterproof coating made of acrylate and other polymers as main raw materials and other additives.

Waterproof material three, rigid waterproof material

The rigid waterproof materials mainly include mortar, concrete waterproof agent and cement based permeable crystalline waterproof material. Mortar and concrete waterproof agent mainly has UBA concrete expansion agent, organosilicon waterproof agent, BR series waterproof agent, cement waterproof sealing agent and so on. Cement based capillary crystalline waterproof material is a new type of rigid waterproof material. It is made of silicate cement or ordinary portland cement, quartz sand and so on. It is a kind of powdery material mixed with active chemical substance.

Waterproof material type four, building seal material

Building sealing material is to make all kinds of deformation joints or cracks, construction seam (settlement joints, expansion joints and seismic joints) maintain watertightness and airtightness, and has a certain strength, filling materials can be connected structures.

Editor’s summary: what kinds of waterproof materials do you have? Do you know? Here we are. We hope to help you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the family network information.

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