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Plugging device also known as Hough section, is commonly used to repair the pipeline plugging device products, divided into six categories, respectively: hold the bulk of Hough section, straight Hough section, reducing Hough section, no leakage of clamp, elbow Hough section, the length can be customized; pipeline plugging device is mainly used to repair a pipeline there are two parts of equipment, body, sealing strip, fasteners, and a bolt, nut fastening construction, which has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, and can be widely used in water conservancy, electricity, gas, kerosene and other fields. What is a pipe plugging device? What are the precautions for the use of pipe plugging devices? Let’s take a look around the problem.

Pipe plugging device – introduction:

Plugging device is a pipe plugging device for pipeline repair, also called Hough section, and a sealed with sealing strip and are fastened together by bolts and nuts, which has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, Water Leakage leakage accident caused can be widely used in water supply and drainage and gas and liquid pressure piping, trachoma, stoma and the transverse and longitudinal fracture, labor and time saving, cost saving.

Plugging device and socket plugging device for pipeline repair device, socket plugging device is repair device socket at Water Leakage on two tube connecting and plugging device is the repair device for removing the socket part of the outside, the device is simple in structure only two pieces and two pieces of rubber pad body composition. The installation is convenient, only two of the body Water Leakage tighten the nut can be to complete the repair of the pipeline, the device can save time without water, but also can reduce the repair cost.

1. pipe plugging device used in all kinds of cast iron pipe and cement pipe leakage, leakage repair;

2. pipeline plugging device use material for cast iron, steel two kinds. Nominal pressure: 0.25-1.0MPa;

3. pipe plugging device according to GB production, non GB products or special models, according to user requirements. (users need additional drawings);

4., our factory produces DN80mm-3000mm specifications plugging device;

5. pipeline plugging device features: maintenance, installation without water, gas can quickly leak, save labor and time.

Pipeline plugging device – plugging product performance characteristics:

1., the product adopts the combination of shaping, contact sealing and elastic contact sealing two technologies, applicable to all kinds of material pipes, effectively control the leakage of the media.

2. the use effect is good, can do so, the block structure, high construction speed, without water, only a small amount of excavation, excavation work can be very small pit operation, save a lot of manpower and time, quickly reach the purpose of plugging.

3., the product work pressure: ≤ 1.6MPa, applicable to all kinds of cast iron pipe and cement pipe, PVC pipe leakage repair. Product specifications complete, applicable to various GB diameter.

This product is suitable for all kinds of pipeline rupture, explosion pipe maintenance and repair, without water supply, in the broken pipe burst installation of pipe plugging device, fast plugging, ensure the normal water supply pipeline.

Material analysis of plugging device

1 、 plastic steel material plugging device

Plastic material is steel and plastic composite and steel is an iron material, plastic is a kind of high density polyethylene, green energy saving and environmental protection, corrosion resistance, anti ultraviolet radiation, the advantages of agglomeration of two materials are plastic, and not other material pipe fittings.

Plugging device for inner and outer layer of polyethylene steel plastic coating adhesion, corrosion resistance, high grade health food type, the middle layer is a layer of steel after crimping forging, so the pipe bearing performance is very good, unlike the aluminum bearing aluminum pipe is not high, with the maximum diameter of 63mm and the steel belt can do pipe can do.

Plastic steel plugging device features: outer layer material is high-density polyethylene, so this kind of pipe has good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, long service life, can be used directly in drinking water engineering.

2, steel and plastic ha plugging device production process

The production process of steel plastic stopper steel is more complex, different from other material flexibility, so plastic stopper molding process requires very precise, steel and high density polyethylene with very difficult, which many companies are giving up plastic material plugging machine production, while the Changzhou Baoshuo Pipe Co. Ltd. after years of research by first-class welding technology, automation production equipment and high quality of the steel strip and high density polyethylene together, open the plastic material and the repair section, increase the Hough section in the country and the world interface pipe pipe gate.

Features of plastic steel plugging device:

1., physical properties: high strength

2., excessive corrosion, no radiation, the new environmentally friendly green pipe.

3., fluid resistance is small

4., suitable for a wide range of UPVC pipe,.PVC-M tube,.ABS tube,.PE tube,.PPR tube,.PE composite

What are the matters needing attention in the use of plugging devices?

1, pressure pipe line hough day long, at any time have suffered man-made and natural disasters may, therefore, should regularly carry out line inspection and repair work. In addition, it is best to have a special pipeline maintenance team, equipped with necessary motor equipment, earthwork construction equipment, welding and sealing equipment and communication tools, so as to carry out rush repair work at any time.

2, rubber sealing ring and plugging device, sealing groove connection is not close enough, in the absence of water without pressure construction, often by hydraulic pressure plugging device sealing groove occurs. Therefore, suggestions before installation the pressure relief hole on the plug off, install the plugging device after the fastening plug, or you can use the adhesive rubber sealing ring is firmly glued to the sealing groove.

3, coating tester to check on the ground pressure plugging device for pipeline coating integrity, timely repair damaged, to dig. The inspection of corrosion in old pipes is a complex task, so it is often carried out with a bowl type pigging device with test instruments.

4, as the plugging device adopts rubber sealing ring, when it is combined with the outer wall of the pipe, great friction force can be generated, and rubber ring can be easily worn or overturned. Therefore, before the installation must be derusted and clean the pipe shell, while the tube wall and the rubber ring with the amount of grease, by reducing friction.

Summary: on what is the pipeline plugging device and the use of pipe plugging device notes, we introduced here, and I hope this article will help you. If you don’t understand anything, you can leave a message for me in the bottom. Oh, we will answer for you as soon as possible.

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