What is the market space for integrated ceiling and what are the prospects for development?

[a few years ago, you certainly don’t know what an integrated ceiling is, and now you can search for millions of results related to it. At present, the domestic &ldquo integrated ceiling; ” the brand has also been innumerable, everywhere advertising let us know the integrated ceiling industry has quietly come.
What is integrated ceiling?
Simply speaking, the aluminum button, ceiling and electrical modules, after careful design, professional installation and strict testing, have been made into standard specifications of modular modules. In this combined model, whether visual harmony, ease of use, or family purchase cost savings, have done a great breakthrough in the industry, which is the integrated ceiling by the vast number of consumers love and the industry development and popularization of the most rapid root cause.
What are the advantages of integrated ceiling?
In a survey of integrated brands, integrated ceiling experts said that there are three obvious advantages of integrated ceiling. First of all, its functions are independent, which shows that according to the actual needs of the decoration, according to the location and quantity of warm lights. But the traditional ceiling, is the largest Yuba heating, its limitation is that heating is too concentrated, and the integrated ceiling overcomes this shortcoming, not only the heating range and uniform, green and energy saving. Secondly, the components of the integrated ceiling is also independent, according to the size of the bathroom, kitchen, their preferences and the overall style of the decoration to choose a ceiling panel, and various components also have multiple choices, free collocation! Finally, high-quality materials integrated ceiling so its service life can reach 50 years, far more than the traditional ceiling of life.
What is the market space for integrated ceiling and what are the prospects for development?
According to the experts of integrated ceiling, it is precisely because of these three obvious advantages that there will be more and more integrated ceiling brand. At present, the development and popularization of integrated ceiling are still in the initial stage, and the existing size integrated ceiling brands only occupy about 15% of the market, and there is still great potential for development. Plus, now the largest local application of integrated ceiling or family environment of kitchen and bathroom, living room, dining room and bedroom and the application space of the application, even from the top surface to the wall of the products and solutions are more and more, at the same time, the rural market is a huge cake, which is very conducive to the real the strength of the bright younger generation.
Have professional market economists have studied, huge profit margins integrated ceiling industry, is the fundamental goal of many businesses to enter the industry, it also will be the future of the family and office the best decoration products.

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