What is good for exterior wall materials and 0 for exterior walls?

Exterior wall decoration is different from interior wall decoration, it should not only beautiful, but also durable, to be able to resist Feng Shui, sun, sunshine and rain. Then, what are the exterior walls of the building? There are many exterior wall materials, of which the main materials are coating, tile, stone, hanging board, glass curtain wall and so on. The following small simple enumeration of several building exterior wall materials, we can understand!

What are the exterior walls of the building?

· exterior wall paint

The advantages of exterior wall coatings is more economical, strong integrity, good decoration, simple construction, short construction period, high efficiency, convenient maintenance, low cost for the first time, even if the skin and loss does not hurt the danger, and easy to update, rich in different requirements in different periods after construction, maintenance can improve the building image. At the same time, add waterproof agent in the coating, you can solve the problem of waterproof once construction.

Its disadvantage is poor texture, easy to be contaminated, discoloration, peeling, cracking. At the same time, short service life, even known as the life of 10 years of paint, generally less than 5 years may need to clean the brush, and this cost is still need to pay the owners of “ ”, is generally pay out from the owner of the housing maintenance fund. In addition, the exterior wall of the coating after the cement solidification shrinkage will produce some cracks in the facade, although the new elastic coating can solve this problem, but the price of the elastic coating is also more expensive. Here we introduce several specific exterior wall paint:

1, thin exterior wall coating: thin quality exterior wall coating texture is very good, in addition to used as exterior wall decoration materials, interior decoration also use more.

2, double layer pattern coating: double layer decorative paint, as it is in a concave convex pattern, very three-dimensional.

3, sand paint: sand paint as all wall decoration materials in the most beautiful color, because it is the raw material for dyeing quartz sand.

· exterior wall tile

The exterior tile is usually ceramic, with glaze and no glaze. In appearance, the surface is shiny or matt, or surface light and flat and rough surface, that is, with different textures. The utility model has the advantages of firmness and durability, good durability and texture, bright color and rich decorative effect, and has the advantages of easy cleaning, fire prevention, water resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and low maintenance costs and so on. Durability, including dirt resistance, aging resistance, scrub resistance, and long life, especially in areas with large environmental pollution and heavy air dust, undoubtedly has a very big advantage.

Its disadvantage is that the first input costs higher, paste higher requirements, construction difficulties, construction technology but hard, easy to cause falls, wounding. At the same time, waterproof material must be adopted to solve the waterproof problem. From an environmental point of view, the use of acid in the cleaning process will cause pollution to the atmosphere. Special attention should be paid to, with the brick wall, once the water seepage problems, it is difficult to find the position of water seepage in the end where, this will give future maintenance a lot of trouble.

&middot stone

Stone generally refers to natural facing stone (marble, granite) and man-made stone (cultural stone). Natural decorative stone decoration effect is good, durable, but high cost. Artificial stone has the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, low price, convenient construction and so on. Marble has a smooth surface, corrosion resistance, wind resistance, rain resistance and other advantages, can be Wailimian clean and strong play a very good role. Granite has the characteristics of compact structure, uniform texture, hard texture, wear resistance, acid resistance and generous appearance. Because the stone scrubbing resistance, commonly used in the construction of a two layer layer, dirty environment, radiation produced by the formation of bad effects on the human body, and the weight is relatively large, the whole building is not normally used in high-rise buildings.

· exterior wall decorative hanging board

External decorative board is a new development in recent years, the building exterior wall thermal insulation material is made of polyester paint or fluorocarbon paint, carved aluminum zinc alloy steel plate, polyurethane insulation layer, glass fiber cloth compounded; wall decoration and energy saving is mainly used in gymnasium, libraries, schools and hospitals, office buildings, villas all kinds of buildings; the main function for building decoration, energy-saving insulation, heat insulation, waterproof mildew. There are several kinds of decorative panels on exterior wall:

1, wood tile trim: imitation shingles trim on the exterior decoration materials is special, its durability is very strong, very simple style, original taste. Its decorative effect is also good, teak, dark gray and so on to choose from.

2, imitation brick decorative board: imitation brick decorative board, construction is simple, time-saving and labor-saving, but also excellent performance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance. The surface of the brick imitation board is a kind of advanced coating injection molded parts, which can resist ultraviolet radiation. It is a popular kind of exterior wall decoration materials.

3, wood decorative board horizontal stripes: Wood striped decorative plate is actually we usually say &ldquo &rdquo sheet;. It is also able to resist UV, and corrosion resistance and acid resistance are good. Because the surface texture is very clear, so the color is beautiful, decorative extremely strong.

About the building exterior wall material related information, for everybody introduced here, hoped this article to you to be helpful. With the development of science and technology, more and more materials are used in the construction of exterior walls. The materials mentioned above are just some of the more common ones! If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can pay attention to our family network. We will answer your questions as soon as possible. More exciting content, in the family network!

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