What is electromagnetic radiation? What harm does home appliance radiation have to the body? Zero

About electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is a complex electromagnetic wave that transmits energy over time with perpendicular electric and magnetic fields. Human life activities include a series of biological electrical activities, which are very sensitive to electromagnetic waves of the environment. Therefore, electromagnetic radiation can affect and damage the human body.

The electromagnetic radiation has been listed as the fourth source of environmental pollution after water, atmosphere, noise of the World Health Organization, become a hazard to human health invisible killer ” “, long-term and excessive electromagnetic radiation can cause harm to human reproductive, nervous and immune systems. And household appliances, office electronics, mobile phones, computers and other daily household appliances have become the largest source of electromagnetic radiation.

Four major hazards of radiation on the body

First: induce gene mutation, promote the production of mutated cells, and accelerate the aging of skin. Decreased sperm motility and reduced numbers lead to infertility. Embryonic cells produce a large number of mutated cells, resulting in poor embryonic development and increased miscarriage rates in pregnant women.

Second: hormone secretion disorder.

Third: neurasthenia. Wave will affect the body and destroy the original current and magnetic field, so that the original electromagnetic body mutation. This can interfere with the body’s ecological clock, causing confusion in the balance of ecology and dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system.

Fourth: thermal effect. Affecting the central nervous system causing headaches, dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness. Electromagnetic waves also affect the brain’s nervous system and affect normal sleep. Electromagnetic waves can also damage the cell membrane, interfere with hormones, affect children’s development, female menstrual disorders, male sexual dysfunction.

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