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Ceramic tile is our modern home decoration in the most common building materials products, we usually pay attention to ceramic tile lies in its environmental protection, water absorption and so on. But do you know the types of tiles? To buy tiles must know the classification of tiles, or you do not know which tile suitable for yourself. Below we will introduce: tile grade classification and tile prices.

What are the grades of tiles?:

First, the classification of ceramic tile classification is the country according to the ceramic tile radioactivity is divided into A, B, C and so on.

1, A class

The use of class A is unlimited, and can be used in various places of home decoration. Therefore, indoor tile environmental performance must reach a class a standard. The standard for the use of ceramic tiles in the country is GB6566-2001. The specific activity of Category-A decorative materials of natural radionuclides -226, -232 and potassium thorium radium -40 satisfy IRa≤ 1 and Ir≤ 1.3 for the class a requirements of decoration materials.

2, B class

B type decoration materials do not meet the requirements of class a decoration materials, but at the same time meet IRa≤ 1.3 and Ir≤ 1.9 requirements for the B decoration materials. The B class decoration materials shall not be used for the I class of civil building interior surface, but can be used for the I class of civil building exterior surface and all other buildings inside and outside decoration.

3, C class

C type decoration materials do not meet the requirements of A and B decoration materials, but meet Ir≤ 2.8 requirements for C decoration materials. Class C decoration materials are only available for exterior finishes and other outdoor purposes. Ir > 2.8 granite can only be used for stone, seawall, piers and other humans rarely involve the place.

Two, tile level according to the national standard of the grade is divided into two grades:

1, excellent

2, grade a products

The highest quality is the best grade, and the first grade is the product with slight defects. Now the domestic ceramic tile export volume is quite big, basically each factory has partial product to export, the export order to do many part products also to digest in the domestic market.

Three, there is a classification of tiles classified as:

1, grade a products

2, B grade products

Grade a products are the best grade, grade a products are divided into AAA, AA and A-level, and AAA is the best grade. Grade B is a product with minor defects.

Tile price:

Hudson glazed tile, floor tile 7.8 yuan

Hudson indoor glazed tile floor tile 800X800 39.9 yuan

Add path black, whole body tile 600×600 43.2 yuan

Shengmalisha Fanghuadezhuan polished 300×600 19 yuan

Linus shell glass mosaic puzzle background wall 40 yuan

Editor’s summary: tile level classification and tile prices introduced here, hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to Qijia network

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