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As people’s living standards and improve the quality of life, leading people to their room decoration requirements to improve daily, and the walls of the house is our clothes, its importance is self-evident. Here we will introduce: wall tile specifications and the advantages and disadvantages of external wall brick.

Specification for exterior wall tiles:

One: European modern style. We know that European architecture uses more stones, which is related to their ancient culture and regional climate. Stone outer walls like this are more suited to European architectural styles. Wall tiles such as this are: 20*30cm. This is also used much more wall tile specifications.

Two: people rely on clothes, so you have to rely on the packaging house. The so-called outer housing packaging, in fact, refers to the exterior wall brick. There are so many specifications and sizes of exterior wall bricks. And our house is decorated, the choice of outside wall tile specification is very important also. Well done may also save a lot of material and expenses. And the selection of exterior wall brick is not good, it may be more difficult to decorate, like many outside wall brick specifications can not be changed, and change it will affect its beauty, so that it will be more harm than good.

Three: the exterior wall brick not only has the function of house decoration, but more importantly, it can resist acid and alkali and protect the wall. In order to meet the individuality of exterior wall decoration, and enhance its richness. There are many kinds of exterior wall bricks. Then, what are the specifications of exterior wall tiles? For example, the general wall tiles are: 25*25mm; 23*48mm; 45*45mm… 200*400mm; … and so on.

Four: usually in the selection of exterior wall tile specifications, must consider the size of the house, as well as the style of the house and other factors. Blind choice is often counterproductive, different models, different materials of exterior wall tile specifications are not the same. For example, champion tile model: F80466 champagne stone Luxe-Stone, outer wall size is: 800mm*800mm; Nobel model: CN1597 wall tile specifications: 150*150mm.

I. advantages of exterior wall tiles:

1., the exterior wall tile surface, whether there is no gloss, and flat or rough, will have different textures, and its appearance is very decorative.

2., exterior wall brick durable, with good durability and texture, colorful and rich decorative effect, and easy cleaning, fire protection, water resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and low maintenance costs.

3., in the exterior wall tile durability, including resistance to old, dirty, scrub and so on convenient, and its service life is longer.

Two: exterior wall tile defects:

1., the exterior wall tile for the first time higher input costs, paste higher requirements, construction difficulties, construction technology but hard, easy to cause falls, wounding, but also must use waterproof material to solve the waterproof problem.

2., from the environmental point of view, the wall tiles in the process of cleaning with acid will cause pollution to the atmosphere. Special attention should be paid to that, with the brick wall, once the water seepage problem, it is difficult to find the location of seepage in the end, where it is very troublesome maintenance.

Editor summary: exterior wall tile specifications and advantages and disadvantages of exterior wall brick introduced here, hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to Qijia network.

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