What are the paintings hanging at home? How do I choose to hang picture 0?

Many people in order to decorative effect, will choose to hang painting decoration, convenient and quick, easy to clean, change, but choose what kind of hang picture, hanging at home where? Don’t look down on the paintings, the paintings of the selection and placement also pay attention to! So what do you think about hanging paintings at home? Take decorative painting for example. If the light is dim inside the room, you can choose sunflower and take its masculinity. Hang the picture content of moral work in just ways is appropriate, to avoid unexpected things, such as vultures, Gushi etc.. Let’s see what we have to do with the paintings at home.

&middot. What’s so particular about hanging paintings at home?

1, the color is too dark or too many black pictures can not buy. These paintings looked a heavy feeling, make people depressed, pessimistic and lack of momentum.

2, painted ferocious beast pictures, not to buy, otherwise the health of the family will be poor.

3, should not hang more than one character abstract painting, because will make family mood repeatedly big, psychological imbalance, easily nervous.

4, draw the sun go down pictures don’t hang up, so the class portrait had momentum effect is reduced.

5, it is not appropriate to hang a portrait of a deceased loved one because it will add pressure to your work.

6, not suitable for hanging waterfalls and other pictures, because these paintings, the main family fortunes repeatedly.

7, don’t put red too many portraits, because it will make the family vulnerable to injury or temper. On the contrary, to add festive and auspicious ornaments will bring wealth, named Samsung, nine fish, peony flower, peacock auspicious ornaments or pictures are suitable for every family.

· how to choose hang paintings

Hanging paintings must match the style of space. Ordinary people’s Chinese style decoration, with a dark frame or wood color picture frame, it is very natural and warm. The rest are like American style, with a wide selection of range, metal wind, hanging picture or black and white, retro wooden frame, hanging picture is a good choice.

In addition to the space style, according to the size of the wall space for the purchase of hanging paintings is necessary. Before buying, you should measure the size of the wall first, and consider how large the hanging picture will be. It is better to have a designer to advise you.

In general, if the living room walls are relatively large, the entire wall paintings of not more than 2\/3, the giant painting peony, realize the ambition like, the small and medium-sized single paintings or three or four pieces of paintings can also be combined. Restaurant, bedroom, study and other relatively small space, you can hang 50cm hung a long picture, or about two 30cm long hanging paintings can be.

Hanging picture position, combined with furniture considerations, hanging in the eye-catching walls of open spaces, such as the main wall of the door, tea table, sofa, desk, and the wall above the head of the bed, etc., will appear atmospheric, intuitive. And the corner of the room, the shadow at the side of the wardrobe is not suitable for hanging calligraphy and painting. In addition, the entrance corridor should be targeted to choose such skills, clever use of space, but also enhance the aesthetic feeling.

Under normal circumstances, the height of hanging paintings, vacant reference people in the room in line of sight level, in order to head comfort is appropriate, about 1.5-2m in the distance between the ground.

· which paintings are suitable for the family?

1. Landscape painting

Feng Shui stresses “ mountain master Ding Shui ” landscape paintings hung in the living room, meaning talent booming. Landscape paintings hanging is exquisite, generally for the whole house party (the other side) or a living room chair, bed position on the left side of the mountain; flat round landscape painting to hang in the living room chair as “ &rdquo, can increase the noble patron;. The living room is hanging waterfall landscape, symbolizes family luck repeatedly, bad fortune; the flow direction of landscape painting should be toward the house, if there is water on the ship, the bow should be toward the house, otherwise easy to make the family fortune. Draw the sun landscape painting not hanging in the living room on the west wall, have meaning easily lead to The sun sinks in the west., family decline. This kind of landscape painting suitable for hanging in the east of the living room, take sunrise East, meaning career, luck booming.

2 peony flower and bird painting

Peony flower and bird paintings hanging in the living room, because the meaning of auspicious peony flower, very suitable for hanging in the living room to the north and south, because peony belongs to wood, the north is Kanyu on “ &rdquo water, aquatic wood; and flourishing prosperity; the south is fire, “ ” take the wood fire is prosperous like. But the flower and bird painting Peony don’t hang in the living room of the west, because the west is “ gold ”, Jin Kemu, this is the five line of the Feng Shui grams, unlucky, so the peony in general should not be placed in the west.

3. Calligraphy works

The most common use of calligraphy in Feng Shui is blocking " for example, &quot brake door; the door opposite the bedroom, the door is facing the real geomancy negative said, because the rapid flow closed the door open by the formation of the straight &ldquo rushed into the room; ” in this situation, you can hang calligraphy in the door on.

About the family hanging paintings what exquisite information related to the introduction here, and your family is also hung paintings? Did you pick the right thing? Is that right? Quick action, the correct placement of paintings, the prosperity of their own fortune. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can pay attention to our family network. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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