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The new building energy saving material is a kind of building material which can be used in the manufacturing process, such as saving energy, saving soil, removing waste and protecting the environment, and can improve the function of building. New energy saving materials for building construction are highlighted, and energy saving characteristics are made during the production and use of the products. Then, what are the new energy-saving building materials? Let’s take a look at it.


New types of building energy saving materials



Various types of new energy-saving building materials specifically introduced

1, new wall materials

As far as its varieties are concerned, the new wall materials mainly include bricks, blocks and slabs, such as clay hollow bricks, waste clay bricks, non clay bricks, building blocks, aerated concrete, light plates and composite boards. Usually, these new wall materials are mainly made of fly ash, coal gangue, stone powder, slag, bamboo charcoal and so on.


2. Thermal insulation material

Heat insulation materials and insulation materials collectively referred to as thermal insulation materials.

The commonly used thermal insulation material: mineral wool, rock wool, glass wool (in rock, slag as the main raw material, by high temperature melting, made by centrifugal methods such as cotton and thermosetting resin binder insulation products. ) foam plastics and porous polymers, expanded perlite and their products, calcium silicate insulation products, all kinds of composite insulation materials.

(1) it is mainly used for thermal insulation of buildings, walls and roofs;

(2) thermal insulation of thermal equipment and thermal pipe;

(3) a large number of refrigerators and freezers are also used.

3, waterproof sealing material


4 energy-saving doors and windows and energy-saving glass

Building doors and windows and building curtain wall are the components of building envelope, which is the most active and sensitive part of heat exchange and heat conduction of buildings, and it is 5-6 times of the loss of heat loss of buildings. The energy saving of doors and windows and curtain walls accounts for about 40% of the building energy efficiency, and it has the important position.

5. Solar energy comprehensive utilization

Solar energy is the most abundant, cleanest and ideal energy that can be used by human beings. With the continuous breakthroughs of solar energy and photoelectric conversion technology, it is possible to utilize solar energy in buildings.

The above about the new type building energy saving materials have what, simply introduced here, and hope to help you. For more information, please stay tuned.

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