What are the major impact of smart business opportunities for the home industry?

[] intelligent become Home Furnishing industry made “ ” a great experience with intelligent Home Furnishing hot, multi market competing to snatch the market big cake &rdquo “. In 2016, in the end the smart home market competition pattern is what? Intelligent business opportunities for the home industry can bring more far-reaching impact?
1., Internet companies to build ecological circle
(1) electricity supplier oriented, to traditional business as the center, through the control module, to achieve interoperability, extended ecological coverage, super APP mode, consumer drainage. Technology choice WiFi, wireless hybrid network, positioning in the post installed user market. On behalf of Jingdong microunion type: Ali, ash, millet ecosystem.
(2) user \/ content oriented, QQ \/ WeChat open platform, music, super application, music, home, etc..
“ QQ IOT \/ &rdquo smart hardware open platform; WeChat open platform, QQ account system and the chain, QQ news channel ability and WeChat public, providing industry solutions or function optimization scheme for wearable devices, smart, intelligent vehicle, Home Furnishing traditional hardware cooperation partners to achieve interoperability, the interaction between the user and the equipment and equipment and equipment, full use of the advantages of Tencent on the client and cloud services, greater scope to help traditional industries to realize the internet.
As music has cloud platform services, content resources, hardware terminals and applications and other companies do not have the advantages of resources, can cooperate with the equipment manufacturers of products and business lines have a natural connection. In &ldquo, platform + content + terminal + application ” based on the music ecology, to bring more users, content and service resources.
(3) other types of ecosphere. HUAWEI Hilink plans to build connection as the core of the intelligent Home Furnishing ecology, &ldquo, and ” car; the three-in-one as the ultimate goal of its entire layout; Meizu LifeKit platform, Haier Meizu build ecological wisdom and through big data, cloud automatically for the user to choose the appropriate mode of operation. 360 said they would conduct a comprehensive vertical integration of its own cloud service ability, big data platform technology, online marketing platform, APP development, open chipset resources, complete intelligent Home Furnishing ecosystem to build an open, and launched 360 knilink module.
2., home appliance enterprises to build a smart life circle
Haier U+, through an open interface agreement, so that different brands, different types of home appliances access platform, to achieve system level interaction. Based on U+ intelligent life platform, you can provide users with different intelligent life solutions.
M-Smart smart home strategy to the United States, sensing, big data, intelligent control technology as a means to play the world’s most complete ability to integrate resources of horizontal integration of home appliances, to achieve the whole category of white goods interoperability. Through the strong cooperation with ALI, HUAWEI and other partners, to create an open intelligent home application system.
3., traditional control enterprises force pre installed integrated project market
(1) traditional lighting enterprises:
Multinational brands take the lead, the European and American market mature product lines into the country, intelligent systems are mostly used in large-scale public construction projects, hotel projects and scale supporting residential. With the heat of the domestic market, also began to try to launch a needle for the Chinese market demand for related products. The national brand represents the enterprise drive in the industry trend, and actively seek intelligent transformation, different from the foreign product development, launch a long process and has the speed advantage of domestic enterprises in the new product direction and try to quickly adjust the product line, relatively fast and Internet enterprise and intelligent supporting enterprise cooperation.
(2) intelligent central control enterprise:
Video control products are dominated by the North American market brand. In recent years, such products have stepped into the domestic market on behalf of brands one by one. In view of the video room, the whole house, intelligent, living room, cinema and other different segmentation application environment. It is worth mentioning that, in recent years in the control system application cost decreases, the third party equipment manufacturers of domestic integrators in transition to the third party, the price is more the supporting panel, light control module as the representative of the people. At the same time, domestic equipment manufacturers began to set foot in the field of home control equipment, channel competition is more intense.
(3) bus control enterprise:
Around the smart home project integration market and partial commercial projects, the market has also grown a number of representative domestic enterprises and overseas brands introducing domestic market. Focus on engineering projects and channel markets, functional positioning, highlighting the ground gas and cost-effective routes.
(4) wireless system enterprises:
Corresponding to the application of the bus system, the application of wireless control technology in the field of smart home is the main hit. Try project matching and channel market construction. Compared to single category enterprises have more practical experience in engineering, but in the light smart wave, but also by wireless products unit price lower impact. With the domestic smart Home Furnishing market development in a way, for the real estate project training, decoration companies, weak companies, business platform and other channels have to try, in the years of toil has accumulated a certain technical base and OEM ability.
4., set off a new wave of smart brands
In the new wave of entrepreneurship, the emergence of a number of emerging smart brands. Many through intelligent single product concept import and user accumulation, and then to more supporting product construction system. It has more innovative advantages in human-computer interaction, promotion and extension of new functions. Many also through intelligent modules supporting, and traditional enterprises to cooperate, help traditional products of intelligent transformation.
For the division of intelligent Home Furnishing of different types of enterprises, the need to take into account the technology category, business background, market focus and other factors, in recent years more and more traditional enterprises and entrepreneurial team involved, and Home Furnishing intelligent multi function system essence, market situation and enterprise participation category perplexing. And in the definition of intelligent home system and practical projects, lighting control is naturally one of the important links. In this process, the related links of the industrial chain are necessary. In the ecological domain of the industry that has already formed, many enterprises are also partners.

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