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Due to the effect of environmental factors in industrial equipment and pipeline will be used in our daily insulation materials, insulation materials, its insulation thermal conductivity is generally less than or equal to zero point two of the materials are planned to be in thermal insulation material, in the usual construction industry and industrial sectors in need of good thermal insulation material, so we need a parcel thermal insulation material in the pipeline to the outside, to prevent heat, antifreeze, anti condensation effect, the insulation material can often play a very good effect. What are the insulation materials for pipes? What are the advantages of pipeline insulation materials? Next, we will introduce them to you.

Pipeline insulation; — — advantages and characteristics

1, reduce project cost.

According to the relevant departments estimates, double tube heating pipes, under normal circumstances, can reduce the project cost of 25% (using glass fiber reinforced plastic as a protective layer) and 10% (using high-density polyethylene as a protective layer) around.

2 low heat loss and energy saving.

Its thermal conductivity is: λ =0.013— 0.03kcal\/m; h; oC; much lower than other commonly used pipeline insulation materials; heat preservation effect increased by 4~9 times. Again, its water absorption rate is very low, about 0.2kg\/m2. The reason of low water absorption is due to the closed rate of polyurethane foam as high as 92%. Low thermal conductivity and low water absorption rate, and the insulation layer and the outside good waterproof properties of high density polyethylene or glass steel shell, has changed the traditional trench laying heating pipeline “ wear wet jacket ” situation, greatly reducing the overall heat loss of heating pipe, heating the heat loss is 2%, less than 10% of international standard.

3. corrosion protection, good insulation performance, long service life.

Because of the rigid polyurethane foam insulation layer adhered to the sheath of the pipe, the insulation of the oil pipeline can prevent the infiltration of air and water. At the same time, its foaming holes are closed, water absorption is very small. High density polyethylene shell and glass fiber reinforced plastic shell have good corrosion resistance, insulation and mechanical properties. Therefore, the work of steel pipe skin is very uncomfortable to the outside air and water erosion. As long as the water quality of the pipeline is well treated, according to foreign information, the service life of the oil pipeline insulation can reach more than 50 years, and the service life is 3~4 times higher than that of the traditional trench laying and overhead laying.

4., less land, faster construction, favorable environmental protection.

Directly buried heating pipeline does not need to build a huge trench, only buried the heat pipe underground, so greatly reduce the project covers an area of less than 50% of earthwork excavation, reduce the amount of civil masonry and concrete 90%. At the same time, heat preservation pipe processing and site trenching parallel, only field joints, can shorten the construction period of more than 50%.

5 security.

In addition to China production outside insulation pipe, are equipped with leakage alarm line, once the pipeline leakage alarm line somewhere, by conduction, can show the insulation pipe leakage, Water Leakage the exact position and extent of the leakage in the special detecting instrument, pipe to inform the inspection personnel quickly Water Leakage infiltration, to ensure safe operation heating network. Domestic production of insulation pipe is currently set up leakage alarm line, need to make up this blank.

Pipeline insulation mainly consists of four parts.

(1): according to the requirement of working steel pipe conveying medium technology using spiral submerged arc welded steel pipe welded steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, double.

(2) insulation layer: rigid polyurethane foam.

(3) protective shell: adopt 1 high density polyethylene or glass fiber reinforced plastic.

(4) leakage alarm line: manufacturing pipeline insulation, the thermal insulation layer near the steel pipe, buried with the warning line, once the pipeline leakage alarm line somewhere, by conduction, will be in the special detecting instrument alarm and display the location and extent of Water Leakage leakage size, in order to inform pipe maintenance staff quickly Water Leakage, ensure the safe operation of heating network.

What are the thermal insulation materials for pipes?

1. Glass wool

Glass wool, it has a good formability, small volume density, low thermal conductivity, glass wool corrosion resistance is also very high, in the chemical corrosion environment has good chemical properties. The characteristic of glass wool is the insulation of air conditioner, the insulation of exhaust pipe, the heat preservation of boiler and the heat preservation of steam pipeline.

2, composite silicate

Portland, its advantage is having a low thermal conductivity, excellent insulation properties, but also in the condition of high temperature of thermal insulation material with low density, compared with other pipe insulation materials, construction method of composite Portland more convenient, no stimulation and pollution on the use of the staff, not damage to the human body can be arbitrarily cut and scroll, transport it is relatively safe and reliable, low loss. The composite silicate is used widely in the petroleum chemical industry, electrical industry, metallurgy industry and some of our country’s defense industry, for heat preservation and heat insulation of every kind of tanks and pipelines and other equipment, so the composite Portland is recognized as we have an ideal material for energy saving.

3, polyurethane

Polyurethane, which is used in the manufacture of cold storage, refrigerated truck or fresh-keeping box, can also be used as insulation layer of color steel sandwich board, and polyurethane is sometimes used in the tank of petrochemical. Polyurethane has the function of heat preservation and cold protection, and has been applied to the petrochemical and metallurgical fields, especially in the buried layer of various kinds of composite buried pipelines.

4 、 rock wool tube

Rock wool pipes used for petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, ship boiler and textile industrial equipment or pipeline insulation, sometimes the wall in the construction industry has been widely used, such as thermal insulation insulation wall and indoor ceiling. But the pipeline in the electric power industry, petroleum chemical industry, light industry and other insulation used in various pipe insulation and heat preservation measures, especially for small pipe pipe, can be implemented quickly, waterproof rock wool tube has a property of moisture resistance, hydrophobicity and exhaust temperature of special, suitable for use in rainy environment, it has a hydrophobic.

New pipeline insulation material

The utility model is composed of a steel pipe, a glass fiber reinforced plastic inner sheath and a glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, and is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that the heat preservation pipe is composed of a high temperature resistant heat insulating layer, a lubricating layer and an elastic sealing element. The utility model effectively solves the waterproof problem of the heat preservation, the sliding lubrication and the exposed pipe end of the prefabricated direct buried heat preservation pipe for the high temperature heat transmission at 130 DEG C or -600 DEG C in the central heating of the town.

Insulated pipes are widely used in the transportation network of liquid and gas, chemical pipes, insulation engineering, petroleum, chemical industry, central heating supply network, central air conditioning ventilation pipe, municipal engineering and so on. The heat preservation of oil pipeline is a direct buried prefabricated insulated pipe with good thermal insulation performance, safe and reliable and low construction cost. The utility model effectively solves the problems of heat preservation, sliding lubrication and waterproof of the exposed prefabricated pipe in the central heating of the city at 130 DEG C or -600 DEG C at high temperature. The insulation of oil pipeline not only has advanced technology and practical performance which is incomparable with traditional trench and overhead laying pipeline, but also has obvious social and economic benefits, and it is also a powerful measure for energy saving. The technology of directly buried heating pipeline has been used in oil pipeline insulation, which indicates that the development of China’s heating pipeline technology has entered a new starting point.

Summary: the above is about the pipeline insulation material specific and what are the advantages of the pipeline insulation materials related information, for reference purposes only, we hope to help. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the family network information.

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