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Exterior wall decoration is different from the interior wall decoration, it in addition to maintaining beauty, but also durable, resistant to wind and rain erosion, sun exposure. Exterior wall decoration materials market is very much, what material is required, it is easy to use and affordable? Well, then we will try to understand what are the exterior decoration of exterior wall tiles material? How to choose? Hope can help to the needs of friends!

What are the exterior wall decoration materials?

1, exterior decoration materials brick category

(1) glazed exterior wall brick: Glazed exterior wall brick, high strength, color and flower case diversity, decorative effect is very strong. Generally speaking, glazed tiles have Matt and Matt two categories, the texture is very good. But the same is glazed tile, the difference between each other is very large. Low grade glazed exterior wall brick is very rough, the strength is not high. Therefore, when we choose to use glazed tiles as outer wall decoration materials, we should remember as far as possible the principle of exquisite surface, soft color of high-grade bricks.

(2) the wall: the wall on both sides of the material, the color is the same, feel rough, or other simple classical style decoration for the country. However, its antifouling properties are poor, and the color difference between bricks and bricks is relatively large.

2, exterior wall decoration materials coating

(1) thin wall coating: thin quality exterior wall coating is very good, besides interior decoration materials, interior decoration is also used more.

(2) double layer pattern coating: double layer decorative paint, as it is in a concave convex pattern, very three-dimensional.

(3): sand paint sand paint as all wall decoration materials in the color of the most beautiful, because it is the raw material for dyeing quartz sand.

3, wall decoration materials outside the Board Category

(1) wood tile trim: imitation shingles trim on the exterior decoration materials is special, its durability is very strong, very simple style, original taste. Its decorative effect is also good, teak, dark gray and so on to choose from.

(2) imitation brick board: imitation brick decorative board, construction is simple, time-saving and labor-saving, and the performance is good, anti-aging and corrosion resistance. The surface of the brick imitation board is a kind of advanced coating injection molded parts, which can resist ultraviolet radiation. It is a popular kind of exterior wall decoration materials.

(3) horizontal stripes wood decorative plate: wood decorative board is horizontal stripes we usually say &ldquo &rdquo sheet;. It is also able to resist UV, and corrosion resistance and acid resistance are good. Because the surface texture is very clear, so the color is beautiful, decorative extremely strong.

How should the exterior brick be chosen?

1, through visual effects to see the brick wall is good or bad

Finish high wall products, pure color, not easy to dirty fouling, easy cleaning, good self-cleaning. In determining the choice in strong light, wall to carefully observed from the side of the reflective surface to the surface of products, no small voids and pits or voids and pits very little for good. The product with high brightness index adopts high quality glazed material and very good glazing process, and the reflection of the light is good and even, so that the visual effect is good, and the product grade is high.

2, by touching the touch and knock porcelain listening to judge

When choosing wall tiles, you can gently touch the surface with your hands, and feel very smooth and delicate. You can also touch the back, tiles feel “ sand ” a slight sense of friction is good. The same specifications of products, good quality, high density brick, feel more heavy, on the contrary, quality products feel lighter.

3. Tap the ceramic surface with your hands

The sound of a good ceramic material is relatively crisp. But if the voice deep and long echo such as percussion sound of bell, the wall joining degree of porcelain high wear resistance, high flexural strength, low water absorption, no pollution; if the mixed sound dumb, the degree of porcelain low (or even cracks), poor wear resistance, flexural strength, low water absorption rate is high, vulnerable to pollution.

4, wall tiles joining, through brand awareness and reputation judgment

Some small manufacturers rely on low production costs to make mad price war, the production of products, environmental protection standards, one year after the brick surface mottled, cracks occur, not fit to be seen. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers choose brand tiles. Through the network, friends and other channels of information, select the most suitable brand for themselves.

Editorial summary: through the above external wall decoration materials and the selection of exterior wall brick method, we have the outer wall decoration materials and the choice of exterior wall brick. The exterior wall decoration material selection is also very troublesome, because of more types, so when we buy should be more careful to choose, not anxious for speed while ignoring the quality, so the decoration quality will be more secure.

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