What are the characteristics of wood preservatives? What are the 0 types of preservative wood?

Wood preservatives is a special wood preservative, widely used in various types of wood, building decoration materials, Yuan Yimu products, outdoor wood beams and columns, wood flooring, wood keel, wooden furniture, wooden wallboard, shipbuilding, mining, timber, wooden fence, bamboo products and other antiseptic anti termite treatment. Next, let’s introduce the characteristics of wood preservatives and what are the preservative wood products.

The characteristics of wood preservatives

1, the poison effect is big

The effectiveness of wood preservatives is mainly determined by their toxicity to harmful organisms, and the greater the biological toxicity of wood, the stronger the effect of preservation. In general, wood must be added to other agents, one that acts as a preservative, and which enhances the stiffness, strength, and durability of wood.

2, persistence and stability are good

Wood preservatives should have a relatively stable chemical properties, it is not easy to evaporate after the injection of wood, not easy to drain, and maintain its due toxicity.

3, strong penetration

Wood preservatives must be easily penetrated into the wood and have a certain depth of input.

4, high safety

Wood preservatives are highly toxic to all kinds of insects that are harmful to wood, but at the same time, they are low or non-toxic to humans and animals, and will not cause pollution or damage to the environment. With the concern of environment and sustainable development, efficient and environment-friendly compound wood preservatives have been paid more attention to.

5, low corrosive

Preservatives are less corrosive to various metals and are more neutral.

6, damage to wood damage is small

Wood preservative treatment, texture and mechanical strength of wood, people of good color to not influence the use of appropriate.

What are the preservative wood?

1 、 Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica

Russian Scotch pine can be directly treated by high pressure penetration method, and its excellent mechanical performance and beautiful texture are recommended by designers and engineers. Russian Scotch anti-corrosion materials very wide range of applications, can use the boardwalk, pavilion, platform, waterside flower corridors, pavilions, terraces and open halls fences, trail docks, children’s play area, flower bed, dustbin, outdoor furniture, outdoor environment, water environment and indoor and outdoor construction projects. Because of its unique antiseptic process, all architectural works can be stored for a long time.

2 Nordic Scots pine

European pine (Pinus sylvestris), which has special antiseptic treatment, has antiseptic, anti termite and antifungal effects. The utility model is mainly used for outdoor environment and can be directly used in contact with water bodies and soil, and is the preferred material for wooden floors, fences, bridges, boardwalk and other wooden sketches in outdoor landscape.

3, red cedar

The western red cedar is the highest grade of preserved timber in North america. A called Thujaplicins alcohols its excellent anti-corrosion ability comes from natural growth; in addition the red cedar can be known as a Thujic acid extraction ensures that the wood is not insect erosion, no need to do artificial preservatives and pressure treatment. Red cedar is excellent in stability, long service life and difficult to deform. It is also suitable for high humidity environments such as sauna rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. It can be used for making cabinets, closets and so on. It can prevent cockroaches and insects. Red cedar is popular in the global market because of its lack of chemical treatment and natural characteristics.

4, Nan Fangsong

The southern pine has the best strength and proportion, has excellent nail holding ability, and is the highest strength western cork. After corrosion and pressure treatment, the preservative can reach the wood core directly. In the installation process can be arbitrarily cut, and no need to brush the anti-corrosion coating, the product can be used in sea water or river water, absolutely will not corrode.

5 hemlock

Hemlock is the most elegant and widely used tree species on the North American market. In terms of strength, slightly lower than the ponderosa, more suitable for anticorrosion treatment. The hemlock wood, which is pressurized and preserved, is both beautiful and strong, comparable to the natural and durable red cedar of North america. Hemlock can maintain a stable shape and size, without shrinkage, swelling, warping or twisting, and tanning. Almost all the wood after long after the sun will be darkened, but in the sun after perennial hemlock still maintain the color of fresh cut. Hemlock has strong nail holding ability and excellent adhesive properties. It can accept various surface coatings, and is very wearable. It is an economical timber suitable for outdoor use.

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