What about marble slabs, marble slabs, 0?

The name of marble is named after Dali, Yunnan Province, China. The natural marble is a crystalline limestone with a hard material and can be used for decades or even centuries under normal conditions. Natural marble plate formed by thousands of years of crust, with unique physical texture patterns, natural pore texture and stability, as well as the hard stone characteristics, used in home space can also have a timeless feel long. Well, what about the price of marble? Next, follow Xiao Bian to have a look!

What about marble plates?

General quality polishing marble plate surface shall have a specular gloss, can clearly reflect the scenery. But different quality marble board because of different chemical composition, even the same grade products, its gloss difference will be very big. Of course, the same material, marble grades of different grades of surface gloss is also a certain difference.

The physical properties of Dali stone is relatively soft, but this is for granite, slate in Dali and used in interior decoration, in the home can be used for the living room TV setting wall, window, ground floor restaurant background wall decoration, and is taking Dali stone products, and not the definition of petrology, and marble is building decoration stone gate of one category, can be processed into building stone or other crafts.

Dali stone size is to allow a certain degree of deviation, flatness, angle tolerance, and the marble plate can be divided into superior products, first-class products, qualified three grades. And the rules of Dali stone to shape on the marble plate square common specifications in 400-600 mm, and the little 300 mm, 800-900 mm can be large, but the marble plate size is relatively rare, but as used in the step plate is about 1500 mm in Dali stone, and narrow skirting and use it with small.

Marble board price

Dali is the size of Dali is also affecting the slate slate price is a big factor, the more to the specifications of marble, the higher the price, generally in the qualified grade 1220*2440 mm slate Dali price is 320-400 yuan, the price in different regions is different, so that at the time of purchase, you can think of good buy their own Dali slate and marble grade, size, and if the order is more, manufacturers usually give you a discount.

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