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New house decoration water pipes do not know how to install, water pipe installation hidden project construction of an important link, the correct installation method can guarantee the water pipe service life, can guarantee the follow-up work smoothly. To the building materials City, you will find, water pipes are dazzling, PP-R pipe, PVC-U pipe, lining plastic pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe and so on. Next, Xiao Bian and we talk about the water pipe installation skills and the use of water, what good material?.

Water pipe installation method

Preparation before installation:

1, the water shall be provided with a total indoor valve must be installed prior to check the pipes and fittings are broken, blisters, cracks and other phenomena.

2, installation of kitchen, Wei pipe, pipe in the size of the wall should take into account the final size of wall tiles affixed, that is, in advance consider the thickness of wall tiles.

3, the wall, the ground, as little as possible or do not need to connect parts, in order to reduce leakage potential points. The installation of connection parts must be firm and free of leakage.

4, the design of water pipes should consider the use of washing machine faucet installation position, the layout of the water. Also pay attention to the location of the power outlet. In the kitchen cabinet, the drum washing machine must determine the size of the washing machine and kitchen cabinet in order to keep the upper and lower water position.

Installation method of water pipe

1, material acceptance

The quality of construction materials, directly affect the construction quality and later brought about by the use of materials caused by poor risks. Before installation, the water pipe shall be checked strictly, the inner and outer walls of the water pipe shall be smooth and smooth, without bubbles, cracks, cracks, dents, peeling and severe cold spots and obvious marks.

2, on-site disclosure

The installer should read the drawings carefully and confirm the water heater, water tank, basin, washing machine and other equipment position, understand the owner or designer has no special requirements, such as the special requirements of construction should be performed according to the instructions or designer.

3 、 pipe cutting

In order to install unnecessary waste in the process, the installation personnel should measure the length of the required pipe for cutting. Pipe cutting adopts special tube shear cutting scissors, tube bayonet should be adjusted to consistent with the cutting diameter, rotating cutting should be uniform strength, broken pipe, tube with cross section should be perpendicular to the axis, cut, round section fracture without burr.

4 、 pipe connection

The water pipe and the pipe fittings are connected with a hot melt mode, and the hot melt connection is the most reliable, easy to operate, good air tightness and high interface strength. Before connecting, the dust and foreign substance in the pipe and accessories shall be removed first. Pipe connections are made of heat pipes and fittings, and the depth and time of hot melt of pipes and fittings shall meet the requirements. Never turn while hot melt welding. When the pipe fittings are connected, the raw material belt should be wrapped to ensure the sealing.

5 、 pipe fixation

In order to ensure the water pipes in the days after use, not because of pressure caused by the resonance, so all water must use the fixed clamp. Line spacing in 400&mdash 500mm, 25mm in diameter; the pipe angle and water meter and pipeline terminal set 100mm clamp. For special cases, the thickness of the pipe and mortar shall be > 100mm. Check acceptance points

After the end of the pipe installation, pressure test, all after the installation of the inside need to install the bulkhead or curved triangle valve to ensure the sealing. Water pressure test is to ensure that water quality testing and installation quality, water pressure using the pump pressure to the inside of the tube into the ≥ 0.6Mpa pressure (some manufacturers in order to reflect the quality of their brand. Suggestions of pressure pipe 0.8Mpa. ) the pressure measurement time is not less than 30 minutes, the pressure drops by < 0.05Mpa. When installing the water pipe, it should be horizontal and vertical, left hot and right cold, with a distance of ≥ 30mm. The distance between hot and cold pipe is not less than 150mm. Hot and cold water pipe can not be worn with one hole, should be separated from the opening. When the water pipe is parallel with the gas pipe, the distance is ≥ 50mm, the cross laying distance is ≥ 10mm. Balcony needs installation of water pipe, water valve should be installed.

What material is good for the water pipe?

What we call safety and durability is the occurrence of accidents that endanger life and family safety in the service life of the water pipe, which can not be used for a long time.

This requires water pipes to withstand corrosion, high temperature, frost resistance, and has good mechanical properties. By comparison, the plastic pipe can not withstand high temperatures, easy to occur in the temperature under the condition of large deformation caused leakage, and the compressive capacity is small, easy to brittle fracture, which is not applicable to its long-term heating, should not be used in the cold north, not suitable for high-rise buildings.

Composite pipe sets the advantages of metal and plastic in one, but it is because of the expansion coefficient of plastic and metal is different, long-term use will lead to delamination of the pipe, causing harm.

PP-R and copper tubes can be embedded in the wall

We all know that the plastic pipe installation is very convenient, but most of the parts are connected with the metal parts, due to the large difference of the mechanical properties of plastic and metal, easily lead to burst or Water Leakage situation, so the construction generally cannot be embedded into the wall, only laying outside. While PP-R and copper and its accessories are complete varieties and specifications, can choose from any 6mm250mm. PP-R pipe can do seamless welding, the factory is responsible for installation can also be embedded in the wall, it has the advantage of cheaper prices, convenient construction. The cutting, bending, processing and welding of the copper tube are simple, and the connection forms are various. There are brazing, clamping, crimping, inserting, flange, groove and so on. They can fully meet the needs of different situations and situations.

Copper tubes inhibit the growth of bacteria

The main components of plastic pipes are some high molecular polymers, which have certain toxicity and are relatively easy to permeate, especially if they are used in the direct drinking water supply system, and they are seriously harmful to the human body. Again, for a long time without water, you suddenly open the outflow is actually found yellow “ ” water, before the residential galvanized iron pipe is easy to happen, such as “ yellow ” water is a hazard to human health. The copper pipe material can inhibit the growth of bacteria, E.coli cannot continue to breed in copper pipe, more than 99% of Escherichia coli and bacteria pneumonia to destroy into the copper pipe after 5 hours, keep drinking water hygiene.

Water pipe selection method

First, according to the needs of the formal building materials market to buy, so that the quality of water pipes are guaranteed.

Two, check the water surface, the appearance is smooth, can touch, see feel is exquisite; at the same time to look at the water above are marked with manufacturers of anti-counterfeit labels, if not, it is best not to buy.

Three, look at the color of the water pipe, stainless steel water pipes are generally silver white, partial black is generally not treated by acid-base passivation, easy scaling. High quality PPR tube color is generally matt white, and there will be no mottled particles, if the color of the pipe is mixed with some mottled, it shows that the quality of the water pipe is not good.

Four, plastic pipe pipe news smell, if water smells, that water quality is not good, there is no irritant smell and water quality.

Five, metal pipe should pay attention to connection mode, home generally choose simple self locking card spring connection.

Quality determines water quality

&ldquo: whether the water quality is good or not depends on the pipe &rdquo. The traditional galvanized pipe is easy to rust, easy to corrode, easy to scale, easy to breed microorganisms, produce two pollution, and threaten human health. We often have such experience, the home for a few days no one, turn on the faucet, flowing yellow rust, this is the best example of pipe pollution water quality. The domestic drinking water pipes are mainly used for drinking water pipelines because of their corrosion resistance and scaling. But because of the easy adulteration of plastics, the two pollution is serious. So, if possible, try stainless steel water pipes or copper pipes.

Summary: about the water pipe installation skills related information, we introduced here, and I hope this article will help you. If you don’t understand anything, you can leave a message for me in the bottom. Oh, we will answer for you as soon as possible.

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