Wardrobe enterprises need to implement the craftsman spirit in many aspects

[April 9th] in the afternoon of, the 2016 China home building materials industry summit was held at Peking University, and &ldquo, the Chinese craftsman club, opened the same period with the forum. This year, with the &ldquo, artisan spirit ” mentioned in the two sessions, all walks of life have also set off a spirit of craftsman spirit. As a traditional manufacturing industry, the wardrobe industry can not be ignored in the spirit of craftsman.
China artisan club established
This year’s two sessions of the government work report, the first mention of “ artisan spirit ” indicating that the current upgrading of consumer goods quality, and promote the upgrading of manufacturing urgency. To accelerate the development of building materials industry Home Furnishing excellence artisan spirit, promote the comprehensive upgrading of product quality in the industry, China interior decoration decoration materials Association supplies Specialized Committee decided to integrate resources from all walks of life, the establishment of Home Furnishing industry “ artisan club ”.
President Liu Xu, director of Chinese interior decoration Association Chinese interior decoration Association of decorative materials supplies Specialized Committee golden halberd, national image communication research center, China Central Academy of Fine Arts School of architecture Tsinghua University researcher Xiao Dongrong, vice president Cui Donghui attended the &ldquo &rdquo Club; Chinese craftsman ceremony. The national image communication research center researcher Xiao Dongrong of the Tsinghua University argues that all brands cannot do without “ artisan spirit ”, because it covers the dedication, excellence, down-to-earth, self challenge and other substance, he also through a number of examples of &rdquo & ldquo; artisan spirit; the importance of brand building.
Wardrobe enterprises need to implement the craftsman spirit in many aspects
Artisan spirit refers to the craftsman’s spiritual philosophy of making his own products with great refinement and excellence. Artisans like to carve their own products, improve their craft, and enjoy the sublimation of their hands. Craftsmen have high requirements for details, the pursuit of perfection and perfection, the pursuit of the quality of almost harsh and persistent, the quality increased from 99% to 99.99%, although its benefits are small, but it can benefit the world and mankind for a long time.
Many people think that craftsmen are a kind of mechanical repetitive workers. Actually, craftsmen have more profound meanings. It represents an era of temperament, firm, pragmatic, and strive for excellence. Artisans may not all be entrepreneurs, but most successful entrepreneurs have the spirit of the artisan. For wardrobe enterprises, this requires enterprises in the actual development process, excellence, attention to detail, the pursuit of perfection and perfection, do not hesitate to spend time and energy, tireless, and repeatedly improve the product.
Therefore, the wardrobe enterprises, in the future development of the market, enterprises also need to correct their attitude to the wardrobe, only from many aspects, will implement the spirit of excellence to the actual development, development goals can only be achieved in the future market competition.

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