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Eggs contain protein, people eat eggs every day is very beneficial to the body. The boiled egg boiled egg not only nutrition and health, but also easy to peel the egg shell. And the boiled egg can not only egg, can also evaporate all kinds of food, delicious and healthy. What is the principle of boiled egg? What are the steps and methods of using boiled egg? Use the following small series to introduce the use of procedures and methods under eggboilers principle and boiled egg.

· eggboilers principle

Boiled egg is a kind of the heating plate is energized, the disc to generate high-temperature steam to quickly put a living small appliances steamed eggs.

Egg boiler, which comprises a base, upper part of the base seat is fixed above the tray, the tray seat along with egg boiler is provided with concave drip pan, drip pan on the edge is buckled with the egg and the egg layer, an interlayer is provided with at least three egg hole; egg layer cover is provided with a cover body; one side of the tray seat is provided with at least one control switch, a tray with egg is provided with a heater, and the heater is arranged at the bottom of the drip pan; the heater and the control switch is connected directly to the egg layer; above the lap eggboilers the drip pan.

The steam generating eggboilers drip pan heated directly on the egg egg layer on the body, ensure a fast egg body temperature, improve the efficiency of the use of egg boiler; water storage tank is added in the egg layer inner circle, can prevent the cover body after cooling distilled water reflux and liquid holding disk the boiling water mix, thereby reducing the original drip pan in boiling water temperature, which improves the efficiency of practical steam.

· use the steps and methods of egg device

1, steamed egg: to clean the heating plate first steaming cup of water; according to the section selection, selection of different level according to taste demand; pour installed water on the surface of the heating tray, then put the steamed eggs, add egg; the small needle head at the top of the bottom of the egg cup used to make a small hole, and then head down into the steamed egg holder egg hole Weili, press the switch power; after steaming egg will quickly into the cold water, so peeling eggshell easier, hot food more fragrant.

2, fried egg: one to three egg in a bowl and whisk to taste different, need to add spices, onion; first heating plate dry, then the salad oil into the heating plate, the heating disc surface to fill oil; switch on the power switch, heating, the temperature reaches a certain temperature will automatically power off (eggboilers has built-in thermostat), while the oil temperature will lay the egg into the heating plate; with a spoon in the egg on the heating plate, smooth, slightly brown egg, can eat to the full flavor Fried Eggs!

3: first, the dosage cup is steamed Dangeng water into the heating plate, and then put an egg in the steaming bowl, beat the egg; then the cold boiling water poured into the steaming bowl, water level is lower than the bowl, add seasoning and good; put on the shelf, the steaming bowl in the middle position match, in order to avoid steaming bowl mobile, cover, connect the power switch; Steamed Egg Custard after steaming, wait 30 minutes to open the hood, you can eat yummy Steamed Egg Custard!

Relevant information about eggboilers principle to introduce here, I hope this article will be helpful to you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can pay attention to our family network. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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