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In recent years, diatom mud because of its health and environmental protection and strong decorative features popular in Jiezhuang market, but the market of the diatom mud quality uneven in quality, many businesses shoddy, how do we choose diatom mud? The following points should be noted when choosing diatom sludge.
Advantages of diatom mud

Diatom mud, it has the elimination of formaldehyde, purify the air, regulate humidity, release negative oxygen ions, fire retardant, metope self-cleaning, sterilization, deodorant and other fine features, is the best substitute for latex paint and wallpaper.

How to choose diatom mud?


First of all, in the purchase, we have to shop more than three, more understanding of diatom mud products related information, for different brands, packaging products, from the quality, price, service, corporate reputation and other aspects of comprehensive consideration.

Try to choose independent retail brands, diatom mud manufacturers want to have the inspection report issued issued by the competent departments of the State Building Materials patent certificate or the State Department, do not choose online shopping online shopping, although the price is low, but the quality and customer service are worrying.


In addition, from the performance of the product itself, high-quality diatom mud soft texture, uniform distribution of particles, no odor, soft and natural color, will not be bleaching.

Poor quality products, rough texture, feel bad, the market has some bright colored diatom mud, in fact, added an environmentally friendly stain, lost its environmental health, the use of the original intention.


In identification, because diatom mud surface is covered with numerous pores, so it has a strong adsorption. We can tell by water spray.

But the market for the understanding of water test is a misunderstanding, not the dregs water test refers to the diatom mud surface sprinkling pressed his fingers without shedding of particles, and many people think it is rubbed with wall nor dregs, ignoring the essence of mud.

A lot of bad businessmen have seen this mentality of customers, adding jelly to diatom mud, forming a solidified conjunctiva on the wall. Although this is no longer the dregs, but does not have the diatom mud breathing.


In addition, high-quality diatom mud can be reused, spraying a large amount of water on the fabricated wall surface to make it reduced into mud, shovel off, stir, and can be re manufactured into a favorite texture pattern, and to maintain the same performance.

And diatom mud health and environmental protection, the whole family can use, whether it is high security requirements of children’s room, or the requirements of the study of sound insulation, are applicable materials.

Diatom mud

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