Under the new normal view, how smart home ice breaking trip?

[] in recent years, with the concept of intelligent Home Furnishing hot, major appliance giants force intelligent Home Furnishing section in order to occupy a space for one person, while more data, the overall size of 2015 China’s smart Home Furnishing market will reach 124 billion yuan, to 2020 this figure will rise to 350 billion yuan, the market prospect is causing many capital pursued. But in fact, since the concept of intelligent Home Furnishing landing since the market performance is not optimistic, once triggered outside the industry have speculated that the intelligent Home Furnishing really can break the bottleneck to achieve intelligent?
    what is smart home?
    undeniable, now small smart watches, smart glasses, smart and intelligent to single beds, smart kitchen, smart products of various functions to different segments of the scene, into our basic necessities of life, and deeply affected us. Smart life is already close at hand, but do you really understand the concept of smart home?
    in fact, the concept of intelligent Home Furnishing is not difficult to understand, the so-called intelligent Home Furnishing, both residential as a platform, the use of integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology, the Home Furnishing life related equipment integration, construction of residential facilities management system centralized management intelligent control, so as to enhance the safety, convenience, comfort, artistic Home Furnishing, and realize environmental protection and energy saving living environment. Different from traditional home appliances, one to one mechanical switch mode, smart home makes family life up to a system management, and the control mode is more diversified and humanized.
    at the moment, smart home to which step?
    today, intelligent Home Furnishing products have entered the family life, such as intelligent mobile phone, intelligent refrigerators, intelligent robot and so on, even at this year’s AWE2016 exhibition in Shanghai, service robot, virtual reality helmet and intelligent products and exhibition all the flowers “ intelligent Home Furnishing hall &rdquo, the mass for the smart; Home Furnishing dull nerves again wake up, people outside the industry caused a shout, but really as we imagine the intelligent enough? No answer.
    why? Take a simple example, let’s get smart wristbands. Although the smart bracelet can support the sleep monitoring, but not to sleep quality report, the intelligence is in the primary stage of intelligence, and can not achieve the core technology of smart Bracelet breakthrough, may be a period of time the smart bracelet was shelved, which resulted in “ pseudo intelligent ” situation.
&emsp: &emsp, what is the real bottleneck in smart home?
    can not be interconnected, perhaps the biggest obstacle to the development of smart home biggest bottleneck. The so-called “can not be interconnected” means that different brands, cloud platforms, different products need different app to control.
    popular point mainly include the following: practicality is not strong, the price is too high, the use of technical expertise, instability, and lack of uniform industry standard and intelligent Home Furnishing Home Furnishing intelligent network spy on user privacy.
    cite a simple example, if you use different brands and products are through the mobile phone to control, then, when your mobile phone is lost or replacement of mobile phone, all things must be replaced at the same time, the user can only choose the products in the same brand, but not diversification choose a number of brand products.
    intelligent Home Furnishing how breaking to usher in the development of the new spring?
    in this regard, insiders said that the emergence of smart home is difficult to land and popularity reasons, is likely to be intelligent thinking, even if a lot of home appliance manufacturers deviate from the original intention of smart home.
    this should not be difficult to understand, it is intelligent home to bring people should be more convenient and comfortable experience of intelligent life, rather than go more cumbersome and complicated road. For this reason, a growing number of people both inside and outside of the industry are questioning. Such as the use of intelligent electric cooker when cooking, when you put the rice into the pot, pour water, but to come up with mobile phone, APP, just press the switch on the original cook well, now not to press the switch, but with the mobile phone operation, it is troublesome and so on, and so on the intelligent product instance cannot be enumerated.
    if you don’t understand, intelligent products can be looking abroad to see, such as the WeeLight night lamp, do not download the APP, for the intelligent sensing and motion capture function, it is to go to bed lights, lights out, does not require any action; after the lights are too bright lights dazzling, you hide your light it is hidden in the bed, even if the lamp is lit, no light directly into the eye, 2700K soft lights to illuminate the ground temperature; night sleep difficulties, so when the LED lamp dimming filter in blue violet, blue and purple light after filtering, can promote the secretion of melatonin, help users better go to sleep.
    see from the above example is not difficult, perhaps not yet born intelligent Home Furnishing misinterpreted the meaning of intelligent Home Furnishing essence, home appliance manufacturers should produce simple operation and micro intelligent products to solve the real problem of actual intelligent life, make intelligent life more convenient and simple, intelligent experience more comfortable and healthy.
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