Transformation is the need of the times, porcelain enterprises need to prepare in advance

[] last year, the most fiery words than the ceramic tile industry &ldquo, &ldquo +” Internet; Internet; +” to all-powerful potential into all walks of life, started a transformation of the wind. In the twinkling of an eye, in 2016, in the context of the national environmental protection banner, porcelain enterprises in order to seize the opportunity in the new year, the smooth transition, we must conform to the current situation, timely adjustment of the strategic deployment.
First, the demographic dividend disappeared
By 2015, we can confirm that China’s demographic dividend is over, and this change has brought unprecedented tests to the management of traditional industries. The news reported: “ Foshan enterprises to recruit staff, to as long as a person can recruit ” point, and this situation not only in Foshan, many manufacturing industries are commonly encountered in the country, because the end of the demographic dividend, means that the rising cost of human resources, directly increase in operating costs and the impact of production management, and ceramic tile is the human resources intensive industry, the end of the demographic dividend will directly affect the survival of this industry.
While standing in another perspective “ population dividend ” 70, and 80 is nearing the end of living in the industry and building materials product consumption cycle, 90 in the residential industry and building materials industry market demand can not be stimulated method, nearly 30% of the 90 do not need most of the home buyers, in a second tier city is generally not 90 ability, because prices can not let 90.
Two, the high pressure of environmental policy
Jing Chai’s “under the dome” let us see the possibility of China’s future changes, the environment will be the top priority. China’s environmental governance has reached a time when the reform has to be made. As a high pollution and high energy consuming ceramic tile industry, it will be an important object of this reform. Environmental management costs and policy tightening, so that tile enterprises must be in environmental protection, cleaner production management put more resources and funds, which will directly increase the cost of investment and operating costs reasons. In this process, there will be a lot of enterprises will be the direct policy restriction and direct closure, out of the market, and the already difficult survival of the enterprise, but also invested in the new regulations and environmental governance, it is one disaster after another dilemma.
There is no doubt Chinese trend, the new normal economic development route will be closely linked to the green environmental protection, as the leading factor, related management measures and regulations for environmental governance will be more severe, the ceramic tile enterprises, all of this is only the beginning.
Three, the inevitable decline in the market
According to the country’s major cities in the past year to the real estate industry market data, you can assert that China’s first tier cities in the real estate market with 70 and 80 years after the end of the population consumption bonus began to intensify atrophy. It can be said that the building materials and residential products all basically of a second tier city after 70 and 80 of the consumption cycle has ended, the city home buyers due to speculative market operation, resulting in many city high vacancy rates, and even some of the new plate into &ldquo &rdquo, a self; dead city; real home buyers the proportion is quite low.
In fact, as a second tier city real estate market atrophy and speculative operation, directly pulled the tile tile product sales, market demand for real estate atrophy caused by the reduction is a very difficult to restore the mishap.
In addition, there is no strategic thinking is the majority of tile enterprises in the common, and with a number of traditional enterprises dialogue process, when it comes to the word “strategy”, it seems impossible to see any strategic strategic intent in its enterprise. As a matter of fact, many enterprises still have a blank understanding of strategic thinking, more of which is the strategic thinking of professional managers.
If an enterprise does not have systematic strategic thinking, then all of its actions can only solve the immediate situation, and do the immediate thing, according to the future, there is no real development standpoint that can be determined. Because there is no system of strategic thinking, in other words, that is, there is no core value and competitiveness of enterprises.
The development of any enterprise must follow the principle of normalization of profits, but the profits of many two or three line brands in the ceramic tile industry have been in an abnormal state, or even an embarrassing situation at the loss of operations. What is the value of this? What’s the point? The result of the enterprise can only be death.

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