Toilet pipe dredging methods, decoration tips: bathroom renovation notes what 0?

Bathroom decoration, although not like the living room, bedroom, so as to spend money and energy, but also not too magnificent, but must be designed reasonable. In the bathroom there will inevitably be a toilet pipe is blocked, the problem often met in our daily life, can not use the toilet is a very depressing thing, a serious impact on our daily life, this happened many people tend to immediately turn to professional dredge company, in fact, if not very big the problem, we can use the skills to solve small toilet clogged pipes, the following summarizes the methods to dredge some toilet pipes, the hope can help to you.

Bathroom decoration steps

1, water reform: bathroom renovation design to Yuba heating, lamp circuit wiring, the pipe into the wall treatment, in order to increase the space and convenient life, some water reform is unavoidable, can be careful planning in the bathroom renovation process.

2, the bathroom: bathroom renovation pipeline insulation water pipes need to do the corresponding proof processing, according to actual circumstances, if the general bathroom is made of a plastic water pipe diameter on the need to do the corresponding treatment, to prevent noise annoyance.

3, the bathroom ceiling to beautiful bathroom decoration, generally need to do the ceiling material processing, generally choose aluminum buckle, durable, and waterproof, and can use the module reasonable set lighting, ventilation, etc. the position of yuba.

4, waterproof treatment: because the water in the bathroom can be seen everywhere, so the bathroom renovation waterproof on the need to prevent water seepage problems to work, because the downstairs neighbors and their trouble, so in waterproof to do after closed water test, to ensure the waterproof effect.

5, ceramic tile to beautiful bathroom decoration generally posts, wall and floor tiles, wall tiles in the purchase when you need to pay attention to the water resistance, and the quality of the glazed tiles, to a certain extent also to waterproof effect; color tiles suggest dark lines, pollution resistant, and ensure the quality of bricks.

6, toilet products: Toilet according to the pit from rational choice; bathroom cabinet and mirror according to preferences; shower room according to space and individual preferences; the electric water heater is installed also need to plan ahead, because the electric water heater will be involved in the reconstruction of hydropower, the north also has a heat sink bathroom in general the choice of.

Toilet renovation notes

1, bathroom decoration shall not destroy the waterproof layer. If it has been damaged or has no waterproof layer, it must be waterproof and be tested for 12 hours.

2, bathroom decoration, sanitary ware to be fixed and firm, the pipe interface is tight.

3, the bathroom renovation should pay attention to the protection of finished product, to prevent knock of sanitary ware.

4, bathroom decoration must be selected in advance ware, do not wait until the late decoration. This can cause unexpected trouble.

What are the dredging methods for toilet pipes?

First, the toilet is blocked, how to do, the simplest trick

With Chuai son fierce Chuai a few, and the supermarket to sell a " pipeline through " quite effective, also about 10 yuan, half a month with once, will not block

Two, the toilet blocked how to do, often blocking how to solve?

Can try to use a long, hard but not very soft, soft tube inserted in the side to side, pass water, water do not drive too large, so as not to splash out, until then, flush, I tried the effect of good.

Three, the toilet blocked how to do, users spoof weapon?

If it is because the paper objects can be decomposed easily blocked, pour boiling water, soften the object in the blocked sewer pipes, but don’t be too eager to soak for a while, etc., the blockage softening loose bubble, see sewage slowly drained away, and then a bucket of water will be.

You to buy some fish loach fish, live, poured into the toilet, a good, secret recipe, generally I do not tell him.

Four, toilet toilet blocked how to do, how to dredge it?

1, the use of cloth to clear the toilet

Can find a section of hose, one good tap water, the other end wrapped cloth, inserted into the sewer pipe. Just turn on the tap water. The principle is: the pressure of tap water is about 4Mpa can open your home sewers. Remember not to let the hoses leak at both ends to keep the pressure up

2, use the beverage bottle dredge

When you buy a big coke, drink it up first, then cut it off under the cola bottle. After you cut it, put it upside down in the toilet. Hold it by the bottom.

3, the toilet spirit dredge

In the supermarket to buy a bottle of toilet spirit, this is corrosive, need to be careful, first import hot water in the squat toilet inside, and then import liquid, import quantity need to see instructions. Finally, half an hour later, use the tool 1 to flush the toilet as a leather tiger.

4, professional master to dredge

If the various articles about dredging methods are tried, or can not find the toilet is blocked, this time you can call the professional master to clear if they do not understand, avoid let the toilet more blocking, when the solution would be more trouble.

The concrete reasons and solutions of toilet block

1, toilet hard things blocked: when using, accidentally fell into plastic brush, bottle cap, soap, comb and other hard objects. This slight obstruction can be directly removed by using a dredge or a dredge. In severe cases, the toilet must be taken apart. This situation can only be completely solved if it is taken out.

2, the toilet slightly blocked: usually toilet paper or sanitary napkins, towels, cloth and other toilet plug caused by such direct use of pipe dredge or simple dredge tool can dredge.

3, change the toilet pit latrine: install some old house building is at the bottom of pit, water pipes using U type waterproof elbow, in time to cause the toilet, it is best able to bend into the bottom bend directly, if not, the installation of the toilet before the bottom of the trap must do the cleaning work the installation is, don’t let cement or tiles fall into pieces.

4, toilet installation mistakes: generally divided into: the bottom outlet with nozzle without screw hole alignment position, the bottom of the toilet completely sealed will cause the toilet water is not smooth, the water level is not high enough to affect the effect of flushing toilet water tank.

5, toilet: toilet use plug aging for a long time, naturally on the inner wall scaling, serious when will block the toilet outlet caused by toilet water is slow, the solution is to find the vent scratch dirt can make the toilet water flow.

6, hair caused by the blockage of the sewer sewer: after a period of time after use, usually bath hair hung in the tube wall accumulation will cause clogging, hair will cause Restroom drain blockage, wash basin and shower room, bathtub plug plug plug. Therefore, when in use, a certain cover, floor drain cover and other protective facilities, such as hair, you can pick it up and throw it into the garbage can.

How do you do if the hair is clogged and the sewer is blocked? The blockage can be solved. The dredge can be used to dredge the water. If it’s serious, you’ll have to use the pipe dredge.

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