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In the north, the way to warm the ground by heating is more and more common, and ground heating is considered as a comfortable heating mode. Therefore, it is becoming more and more popular with the customers. But the spread of this kind of heating can threaten people’s health and cause people to worry. The following small series for everyone to warm six hazards.

Six hazards of ground heating

1, ground heating or cause children suffering from leukemia

WeChat said: “medical research has shown that in the environment of long-term geothermal heating, blood, lymph and plasma protoplasm change.”. Italy experts believe that the country has more than 400 children each year suffering from leukemia, mainly due to geothermal heating, and thus suffered severe heating and radiation.

Expert opinion: error

I became a doctor for 20 years, and the clinic on the conference had never met or heard to lead to children suffering from leukemia. The pathogenesis of childhood leukemia is generally recognized as physical, chemical, ionizing and genetic factors. Among them, ionizing radiation including nuclear radiation, X ray, etc., has been confirmed in medicine that it can cause bone marrow suppression, causing genetic mutations, leading to leukemia, but did not hear the ground heat caused by leukemia.

2, it can induce cancer and accelerate the proliferation of cancer cells

WeChat said: “geothermal heating, radiation pollution will affect the body’s circulatory system, immune, reproductive and metabolic functions, and serious will cause cancer, and will accelerate the proliferation of human cancer cells.”. Swiss research data pointed out that residents living in geothermal heating, the probability of suffering from breast cancer is 7.4 times higher than ordinary people. The results of a sampling test conducted by the Texas cancer medical foundation show that people who live in geothermal cells are 24 times more likely to develop cancer cells than the average person.

Expert opinion: error

The causes of cancer and environmental pollution, chemical pollution (chemical toxins), ionizing radiation, free radical toxins, microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses and other factors) and its metabolic toxin, genetic characteristics, endocrine disorders, immune dysfunction and so on. The growth of cancer cells is mainly related to the growth of blood vessels around the cancer cells. If the peripheral blood supply is good, &ldquo, &rdquo and sufficient, the cancer cells will grow fast, otherwise it will grow slowly. However, there is no scientific evidence that the growth rate of cancer cells is related to the temperature in vitro.

3, affect the human reproductive system

WeChat said: “the main performance for men sperm quality reduction, pregnant women have natural abortion and fetal malformation.”.

Expert opinion: error

This statement is too far fetched. Sperm quality was associated with a decrease in sedentary, varicose veins and other factors, and the ambient temperature to a certain extent, but also need long time significantly more than the temperature reached forty or fifty degrees Celsius, such as long-term in a sauna environment does affect sperm quality, but to warm the environment but also the highest temperature of more than 20 degrees Celsius, will not produce effect on sperm quality. Influence factors of pregnant women abortion and fetal malformation are many, including chromosomal abnormalities, endocrine abnormalities, genetic diseases, drug abuse, exposure to toxic and hazardous substances, no scientific basis that may be associated with floor heating.

4, can cause mental disability in children

WeChat said: “according to the latest survey, China’s annual birth of 20 million children, 350 thousand of the defective children, 250 thousand of them are mentally handicapped, some experts believe that geothermal heating, radiation is also one of the factors.”. WHO believes that in addition to computers, TV sets, mobile phones, electromagnetic radiation has a negative impact on the fetus, geothermal heating radiation is also an important culprit in infant development.

Expert opinion: error

There is no scientific evidence that children’s intelligence and development are related to the way to warm the floor. After rising room temperature, furniture and other decoration materials emit Benzene, formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful substances, these recognized harmful to humans, but this is not directly related to whether or not the ground heating.

Excluding the influence of temperature, according to network rumors, the ground floor radiation can cause mental disability in children. This must first determine whether the ground heating radiation, the current family is multi-purpose plumbing, hot water separated from the floor, cement flows in the ground, it should not produce radiation.

5, affect the cardiovascular system

WeChat said: “warm ground affects the cardiovascular system. It is characterized by palpitations, insomnia, bradycardia, decreased heart blood flow, sinus arrhythmia, decreased leukocytes, and decreased immune function.”. If a patient with a pacemaker is in a geothermal, heating, radiation environment, it affects the normal use of pacemakers.

Expert opinion: error

Cardiovascular disease and long-term hypertension, blood viscosity, smoking, drinking and other bad habits, environmental pollution, lack of exercise and many other factors. If there is a pacemaker patients in the geothermal heating, radiation environment, will affect the normal use of pacemaker, then is not all the Department of Cardiology in the hospital are not afraid of heating in winter?

6, have adverse effects on the visual system

WeChat said: “because the eye belongs to the human body, the geothermal heating, radiation sensitive organs, excessive geothermal heating, radiation pollution will lead to visual decline, cataracts and so on.”.

Expert opinion: error

Environmental factors are also the main causes of vision loss, mainly near distance work and bad working environment, in addition, affected by diseases and genetic factors. The causes of cataract are many, including the age of crystal degeneration, diabetes and other metabolic diseases, trauma, congenital diseases such as viral infection, long-term use of hormone drugs, genetic factors, radiation factors and complications of ocular diseases. Which factors such as radiation intensity of ultraviolet radiation, welders, boiler and so on, in a special environment susceptible to cataracts, but not heard, met because the heating lead to cataracts, vision loss.

Floor heating features

1, comfortable and healthy, strong health care

Floor heating belongs to the ground radiation heat dissipation, laying pipes in the indoor ground surface, and then using water as the media, the ground surface heating cycle. There are two advantages of this cooling method, on the one hand to the feet warm cool feeling, can improve blood circulation, promote meet health standards; The new supersedes the old., on the other hand the heat from the surface rises, can destroy mites and other parasites living environment, sterilization on the ground, not rising hot air convection caused by polluted air, healthy and comfortable.

2, save space and beautify the living room

The warm water in the underground installation, after installation, with a fine thermostat only in the wall. Now many families have installed radiators, in recent years, although the appearance of the radiator has improved, compared to the previous more beautiful, but after a long time, it will inevitably be outdated, affecting the overall style of home beauty.

3, environmental protection, energy saving, good stability

Warm water although the need for a long time heating, but because of the thermostat, only temperature after heating, the power consumption of less than about 30% and energy saving electric heating radiator. At the same time, warm water with water as the heat medium, good stability.

4 、 long service life and high safety factor

Warm water basic buildings with the same life, as long as 50 years, when in use, the safety basically does not exist. The long life of the water heating system greatly reduces the troubles caused by the service life of the common heating equipment, and saves the extra cost when the two replacement occurs.

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