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Many owners will complain about their own walls brush color uneven, uneven or have traces of paint, and this is likely to be the decoration master in the process of painting walls careless. Insiders pointed out that, in the decoration, the owner had better understand the whole process of paint needs what steps. Next, Xiaobian for everyone to decorate skills brush paint notes.

How to paint

1. Before construction, the paint brand, certificate, color card and finished product sample shall be submitted to the owner for approval.

2, the wood surface should be the first to use wood sandpaper repeatedly polished wood to remove burrs, smooth surfaces, residual wall joints and other glued joints glue, polish with a scraper scrape or fine sandpaper, such as surface spots, uneven color distribution, should be on the wood surface of decolorization, the uniform color.

3, the surface of the metal member should clean the surface dust, grease, welding slag, rust, paint paint, such as drawings without provisions, besmear brushs number not less than two times.

4, brush oil first clean up the surrounding environment, to prevent dust, affecting the quality of paint.

5, paint construction, should according to the design requirements and quality standards decided to besmear brushs number requirements clear wood, bright and soft, smooth and no feeling of shift, consistent color, without brush without sagging skin wrapped cord, no leakage phenomenon, brush phenomenon, vertical and horizontal, adjacent surface paint and hardware accessories, no pollution.

6, coating engineering surface without anti alkali, bite, color spray, brush veins, and lumps, splash phenomenon, consistent color, no blisters, no scratches, decorative lines, color line, doors and windows, clean clean lamps. Lighting inspection, there is no obvious unevenness.

Notes on painting

1, coating choice

Home improvement paint is the choice of owners more headaches, due to the paint and other building materials do not understand, in the complicated market selection of paint is very difficult, so we should master certain skills to buy paint. Should pay attention to in the purchase of paint products, first look at the big brand, after all brand protection more, should pay attention to whether the second paint containing lead, mercury and other harmful substances, and inspection of painting is a pungent, if too serious to have living room. Many of the adverse.

2, prevent too dry

Is to pay attention to air humidity in the process of brushing paint, if the humidity is too large, the paint will dry slowly, so that not only affect the progress of the project, but also affect the decoration paint coating quality, and too dry. And let the paint dry too fast, and the emergence of crack, so The loss outweighs the gain..

3, dark paint should pay attention to

If you love darker room space, will naturally choose darker paint, attention should be paid to add any thinner coating as far as possible not to when using the dark color paint, so to a large extent ensure that we use the paint color does not appear, if slightly do not pay attention to appearance color, the whole room very ugly.

4, dry season, pay attention to fire prevention

Paint and other such coatings are more flammable and explosive, so in the dry season, in particular, should pay attention to fire prevention, to avoid accidents due to momentary carelessness. At the same time, in the choice of paint and other materials to pay more attention to the relevant national standards, some paint seemingly no problem, but some problems on safety is not strictly in accordance with national standards strictly enforced, it is very dangerous.

5, the paint on the surface of the stains

There is a stain paint surface affect the appearance, we should pay more attention to these problems when we paint construction, to avoid affecting the overall appearance. Encountered such problems, we have to analyze the root causes of the problem, to find out the reasons before it is resolved. We can first paint the paint with a coat of aluminium paint before painting begins, so that a similar problem can be avoided to a great extent.

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