Tips for life: how to effectively reduce the radiation damage of home appliances 0

1., do not let electrical appliances together

Some friends like to put household appliances together and think it is very convenient to use. But household appliances are too concentrated or often used together, exposing themselves to the dangers of excessive doses of radiation. Especially television, computers, refrigerators and other appliances are not concentrated in the bedroom.

2. Keep distance when using

The use of a variety of electrical appliances should maintain a safe distance. It can be said that in use, the closer you get to them, the greater the radiation. For example, the distance from the screen to the TV screen is about 5 times the width of the screen. When the microwave oven is switched on, it will leave one meter away. Pregnant women and children should stay away from the microwave oven as far as possible.

3. do not stay behind the computer

The placement of computers is very important. Try not to let the back of the screen toward someone’s place, because the most powerful computer radiation is the back, followed by the left and right sides, the screen is the weakest radiation.

4. absorb electromagnetic waves with water

Indoor to maintain a good working environment, such as comfortable temperature, clean air and so on. Because water is the best medium for absorbing electromagnetic waves, several bottles of water can be placed around the computer. But it must be plastic bottles and glass bottles. Never use metal cups to hold water.

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