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The ceramic tile, because of its hard smooth surface texture, color and variety of convenient construction, easy care and other advantages, has become the highlight of the purchase of decoration materials. But the market is brand, many colors, glazed tiles, brick, polished tiles, glass tiles and other professional names dazzling. The following small series for everyone to buy Tiles and tile errors.

Tile buying mistakes

1, shoddy

Consumers in the choice of tiles, usually notice that the tiles are marked on the outer packing level, but rarely know that this level there are articles to do. Now tile manufacturers for grading is not standardized, some manufacturers are first-class products, therefore, when buying tiles, it is best to ask the product brand manufacturers classification. But usually, the best is the best, the first grade, the second grade, the next two. Some bad merchants will be the first class, two class products sold as excellent products, the price of natural high. Therefore, consumers should be careful not to fall for it.

2, the behavior.

Although Chinese consumers brand products in the store, but some bad businesses take the switch, to be sent to the consumer at home is the same color models of other brands of ceramic tile. If consumers have objections, then returned to the product, if consumers do not see the flaw, then take advantage of the difference.

3, deceptive

On the market, brand tiles, whether in color or style, are leading the trend of fashion, attracting many consumers’ eyes. Therefore, some businesses use consumer pursuit of brand psychological, making some imitation brand style tiles, the price is only half or 1\/3 brands, some consumers bought this for the sake of cheap imitation, but not to the service brand and quality assurance.

4, marked price

In some ceramic tile stores, not all goods have a price tag. Bad merchants often mark only one of the lower priced goods, and when consumers inquire about other commodities, they try to drive up prices, so that consumers unknowingly fall into the trap of commercial design.

5, counterfeit origin

In addition to the production of ceramic tile products of the province, the vast majority of Fuzhou ceramic tile on the market are produced in Guangdong, Guangdong products in terms of quality, style or brand have a stroke above, has also been recognized by the majority of consumers. This is the use of consumer psychology, some unscrupulous businesses such as the floor in “ &rdquo, the EU Code of events; is not produced in Guangdong Guangdong produced just tile bag packaging, in order to deceive consumers, illegal profits.

6, virtual high prices

In many ceramic tile stores, consumers can still bargain with businesses. According to industry sources, now most businesses in the price relatively standardized, but still do not eliminate false high prices in some businesses, the consumer does not know can be blindfold, in case of knowledgeable consumers when they automatically reduce the price, to attract the low discount to buy.

7, seamless shop, easy to clean

Brick joints often become clear problem, a long time are more likely to be of some decoration team should shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, this demand trumpeted seamless tiling, said it is a kind of advanced technology, easy to clean, and the patterns are closely linked, effect is beautiful. Seamless paving is just a publicity stunt. Any object has the phenomenon of expansion and contraction, cement and tile will also have. Paving must set aside a certain gap, but the gap size should be appropriate, according to the specifications, brick brand, design style and color, the consumer preferences to be very small, generally, will not affect the paving effect. If the seam is not left, the cement and tile will swell when slightly heated, resulting in deformation and cracking of the tiles.

8, brick break, hardness is high

Some businesses in order to attract customers, the scene to do experiments to confirm the hardness of the tile — — a piece of tile will be set up, with a “ ” down fell on the ground, in order to confirm the safe and sound tile, ceramic tile with high hardness. This is just a marketing tool, and there is no scientific evidence that the experiment can prove the hardness of the tiles. In fact, all brands of tiles will not break down like this, but as long as the bottom of an item, basically all tiles will be broken, the experiment itself meaningless.

9, the thicker the tile, the stronger

Some consumers blindly listen to some businesses false propaganda, that the thicker the tiles, the more durable, in fact, this is a wrong understanding. The tile is firm or not depends on its hardness, and the hardness is directly affected by the density of the brick, tile and so not thicker harder, but a certain volume of tiles, the greater the weight of greater hardness, ceramic tile is strong.

10, polishing brick anti-skid effect is poor

Floor tiles are very important for safety and anti slip, especially for families with old people and children. Polished brick surface is bright and bright, many consumers think that its anti-skid effect is poor, in case of sprinkling water more security risks, so avoid as much as possible, have to choose “ light restrained ” matt tiles. In fact, all the polished tiles are non slip, and if the bricks will be slippery on the soil, there will be water astringent, so as long as the daily cleaning is done, it will not affect the anti slip effect. On skid resistance, the polished tiles are the same as Matt tiles.

Types of tiles

1. Polished tiles

This kind of brick of clay and stone powder by the press, and then firing, positive and negative color consistency, no glaze, after burning, the surface is polished so that the front is very smooth, very beautiful, as it is on the back of the brick.

2. Glazed tile

Wave brick with polishing similar, but the production requirements higher, press better, can suppress higher density, at the same time firing temperature higher, can do all porcelain. Suitable for living room, bedroom, aisle and so on.

3, glazed tile

As the name suggests, is the surface with a layer of glaze firing together, the main body consists of clay and clay two, back out of the red clay, called tiles, abaxially grayish white porcelain clay fire, called tiles, usually clay fired out of the effect is good, so good call instead of tile brick tiles. At present, about 80% of the family decoration buyers choose this brick as ground decoration material.

4, antique brick

Archaize brick is imported from abroad, in essence, it is glazed ceramic tile. Antique brick belongs to ordinary ceramic tile, and the magnetic sheet is basically the same, the so-called “antique” refers to the brick effect, it should be called “antique tile” effect.

5, the body brick

The brick is a kind of unglazed ceramic tile, and the material of the front and back is the same as the color and luster. It has good antiskid and abrasion resistance. We usually say “&ldquo”; slip bricks ” most of them are all kinds of bricks. The scope of application is widely used in the halls, corridors and outdoor walkways and other ground, generally less used in the wall.

6, mosaic

Mosaic is a special form of brick, it generally consists of dozens of small pieces of brick to form a relatively large brick. Mainly divided into ceramic mosaic, marble mosaic, glass mosaic. It is widely used in small rooms, walls, outdoor walls and ground.

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