Three advantages of prefabricated modular data centers

Prefabricated modular data center follow modular data center design and construction, and modular deployment is undoubtedly the mainstream of today’s data center construction; secondly, it uses the factory prefabrication, assembly is completed, the relevant data center infrastructure in the factory connection and testing, to reduce data center in the field the project, so as to shorten the data center construction period, improve the quality of the project, can also greatly reduce the cost. Today let’s talk about the advantages of prefabricated modular data centers.

HUAWEI Fusion Module 1000B prefabricated micro modular data center is an advanced modular and prefabricated modular data center infrastructure solutions, it is used for bearing the modern IT and CT equipment, and provide the dynamic ring system of high efficiency, energy saving, reliable for it.

HUAWEI FusionModule1000B integrated AC and DC power supply system, temperature control system of water cooling, air cooling, refrigeration and heat sealed row level channel structure is advanced, automatic fire control system and intelligent management system, which become a superior alternative to the traditional building data center.

First: simple
The key equipment is HUAWEI research products, the fastest 8 weeks delivery, rapid deployment in place; prefabricated subsystem integration than the traditional data center to save 60% delivery time; ISO standard box, the transportation cost is 50% lower than the custom box;
Second: high efficiency
Standard products support 15kW/ cabinet, can be customized to support a higher density; support natural cooling, PUE as low as 1.2; compared to the traditional data center to save 30%TCO; with flexible, compatible with IT, CT and IT-CT, such as a variety of scenarios;
Third: reliable
Box 25 years of service life; IP55 grade dustproof and waterproof; exclusive to provide the 9 seismic intensity, fire resistance, such as the three party test report of the; UPTIME TIER and TIA942 architecture.

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