The wardrobe of enterprise development in order to win in the future only act tough and talk soft, competition in the market

[] this year, with the &ldquo supply side reforms; ” more shouting slogans yulie, the Home Furnishing materials on the market are also involved in a structural transformation atmosphere. The transformation has become the industry boom in the background, Home Furnishing building materials enterprises need for the specific situation to find suitable for their own development direction, wardrobe industry as a member of the traditional building materials industry in Home Furnishing, is no exception.
Wardrobe enterprises need to strengthen innovation from the product
Wardrobe industry, in recent years, the real estate industry downturn background, wardrobe products market supply and demand relations change. The industry believes that the supply side reforms a huge wardrobe enterprises must be crossed, one needs to effectively guide the government, on the other hand, enterprises must actively adapt to the market development of the situation, timely adjustment of production management strategy of the enterprise, innovation supply products, broaden the supply channels, reduce the cost of supply, optimize the supply of services, the only way to win two, soaring to realize development of wardrobe.
The wardrobe enterprises should aim at the market supply and demand changes in the product, will not limit the scope of business in the wardrobe and other traditional processing links, must increase innovation products, develop standardized, functional and practical consumption wardrobe, let the closet products into the daily life of ordinary consumers.
Wardrobe enterprises should pay attention to the promotion of service work
At present, the wardrobe products homogenization serious, consumers “ goods than three ” psychological more and more obvious, enterprises in the fierce competition to obtain opportunities, corporate reputation is particularly important. Word of mouth comes from quality products and excellent service. In order to improve the service quality, wardrobe enterprises must from product design, packaging, transportation, construction, maintenance and other links everywhere for the sake of customers, let the customer feel business honestly, can bring a good reputation and credibility of the enterprise.
In addition, in the current wardrobe Market, labor cost, the social security tax is more and more high is the main reason for the production and operation of enterprises, the high cost of &ldquo cost reduction; ” has become an important task for the government to promote the reform of the supply side. As a business, can not rely on policies to reduce costs, on the one hand to the development or the introduction of advanced production equipment and technology, reduce dependence on labor, reduce the variable cost of production; on the other hand we should vigorously promote the fine management, reduce production loss rate, increase the utilization of waste, and strive to build the company as environmental conservation oriented enterprises.
Therefore, in the future market competition, the enterprise wants to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the wardrobe, it must work in two aspects of products and services, to provide consumers with a more than environmental protection products, also need to continuously improve its soft power, only to win in the future to act tough and talk soft, competition in the market.

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