The United States “National Robot Program 2.0” will focus on the development of collaborative robots

The National Science Foundation, the United States Department of Defense, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Air Force Scientific Research Office, the Department of Energy and other government agencies issued the National Robot Program 2.0, which will focus on the development of collaborative robots on a preliminary basis.
The goal of the program is to support basic research, thus accelerating the US process in the development and practical application of collaborative robots. 11219988712112199887111121991238871211219982387

The goal of the program is to support basic research.
The National Robot Program, which was developed earlier, focuses on robotics research, focusing on how symbiosis can be made between collaborative robots and human partners.
The National Robotics Program 2.0 focuses on the broader issue of how effective interaction and collaboration among teams of multi-robot robots; how robots can accomplish all kinds of tasks in a variety of environments and integrate hardware and software
How to use the massive information from the cloud, other robots and people to make the robot more efficient to learn and work; how to make the robot hardware and software design to ensure reliable operation.
In addition, the program supports innovative ways to build knowledge of robotics and integrate it into educational programs. Through the educational approach, we can expand the research team of robotics to explore the social, behavioral and economic impacts of the cooperative robots on the future of mankind.
The program encourages academia, industry, nonprofit and other organizations to work together to establish closer ties between basic science engineering, technology development, deployment and use, and will also consider some of the implications for proposed research and educational activities
International value of international cooperation projects.
In order to achieve the vision of the National Robotics Program 2.0, the program will allocate funds to support basic research in robot science and technology, as well as innovative research in the field of integrated robotic systems. 11219988712112199887111121991998871211219982387


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