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The rain this summer is more than we expected, and floods have occurred in many places. Drainage is also a big problem for cities that have not been hit by floods. For individual housing, the most important, of course, is waterproof, and even the next one or two weeks of rain, the family can not resist the leakage, all of the original construction and decoration works, but hard. And waterproof construction, the most important thing is the choice of waterproof coating.

What is waterproof paint?

Waterproof paint is the home decoration brush in the necessary position, after curing, will form a layer of film without seams, used to prevent water immersion and leakage of paint. Waterproof coating at room temperature is thick liquid, but after brushing, it will form a waterproof film is tough at the grassroots level, the surface can be waterproof coating is coated on the base layer plays the role of the gap closed pores, prevent moisture from entering the gap.

What are the types of waterproof coatings?

Most waterproof coatings on the market are organic waterproof coatings. According to the different organic waterproof coating film material form, can be divided into emulsion waterproof coating, waterproof coating reaction type and solvent type waterproof coating of the three.

The economic benefits of emulsion waterproof coating

This kind of waterproof coating by water evaporation, through close contact, solid particles, deformation process and conjunctiva; paint dry slowly, once the density of the film than solvent based coatings is low, generally should not be below 5 DEG C as construction; the storage period is generally not more than half a year; in the construction can be slightly wet base; non-toxic no, burning, production, transportation and use safety; simple operation, no environmental pollution and low production cost.

A more expensive reactive waterproof coating

This kind of polymer waterproof coating by pre liquid polymer and the corresponding chemical reactions, into a form of conjunctiva; thick film, no shrinkage, dense coating; two component coatings for site 1:2 material accurate, uniform mixing, to ensure the quality of the price is more expensive.

Quick drying solvent based waterproof coating

This kind of coating by solvent evaporation, through molecular polymer chain contact or lap and conjunctiva; paint dry fast, conjunctiva is thin and dense; the production process is simple, coating with good storage stability; flammable, explosive and toxic, production, storage and use should pay attention to safety; because of the volatile solvent fast construction pollution to the environment.

What kind of waterproof material should be chosen?

After reading the classification of waterproof materials, many consumers will ask, then what is suitable for me? Firstly, different building structures waterproof paint selection will have different priorities, if using wood or metal base base, the best use of solvent based coating, if used for concrete or cement mortar, on the selection of polymer waterborne coatings.

In addition, the use of different space, waterproof paint will have different requirements, if it is used in the bedroom, it requires the adhesion of paint is relatively strong, it is best to have a certain decorative. If used in the bathroom and other humid places, the paint requires mildew, easy to clean function.

Waterproof acceptance

When the waterproof works are done, the part that needs waterproof should be filled with water. After a day, the water will leak into the wall. In order to test whether waterproof materials and waterproof construction quality is in place.

Edit reminder: finally remind you that waterproof coating is just like other decoration materials, should pay attention to environmental protection, so as not to affect human health, if you do not know which one is the trust, choose big brand, good reputation, so as not to profit from a small workshop.

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