The Seahawks signed Telles Thompson left Jiefeng emergency

The Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) in that the team left Jiefeng George (George Fant) – Fantawild season obviously heartache.

Who is 25 years old this year, started 10 games last season, this season would be the regular season starting left Jiefeng. This Friday’s game, the Seahawks had to let Rees Audi (Rees Odhiambo) Humber and Luke – Joe Cole (Luke Joeckel) served as Zuo Jiefeng’s position.

The free player tackles and Brandon – Albert (Branden Albert), but the Seahawks will eventually chance to Telles – Thompson (Tyrus Thompson).

Thompson is the Minnesota Vikings in 2015 6 round pick last season, 5 games to stay in the Carolina Panthers training list, he briefly served in the Detroit lions and the New Orleans saints had short, black panther in August 12th officially released him.

Now it seems that Thompson has a chance to appear in the regular season.

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