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We have always said induction door is electric induction door, glass door sensors and electronic induction door, collectively, these different induction induction door the same principle? The next Xiaobian to introduce the knowledge of dynamic electric induction door: door principle, electronic door sensors and glass door sensors principle principle.

The principle of induction: induction door detector detects when someone enters in the pulse signal is transmitted to the main controller, the main controller judgment after the notice of motor running, while monitoring the motor speed, motor in a certain time to inform the afterburner and enter slow running. Some motor running current after running forward, the power is transmitted to the synchronous belt, then transmits power to the spreader system to open the door and window belt; the open door leaf by the controller to make a judgment as to close, notice motor reverse movement, close the door.

The working principle of the electric door and door sensors of the electronic movement are actually the same principle and induction door above, only electric induction door and electric induction door using a power start. Electronic induction door has high intelligence and humanized excellent characteristics. It adopts a powerful microcomputer processor and a comprehensive induction system, and its performance is stable and durable. It allows users to fully enjoy the convenience from modern technology. The electronic induction door has the function of separating dust and preventing wind, and effectively control the flow of people.

The electronic properties of the induction door:

1 、 micro computer intelligent control and advanced machine building;

2. Automatically adjust the running status of the door leaf, and adjust manually if necessary;

3, open and close smooth, low noise;

4 、 brushless motor, long service life;

5, double door interlocking and electronic lock function, support a variety of access control system;

6, heavy and light dual-use, bearing capacity;

7 、 easy to install.

Glass door sensors principle:

The glass door sensors is induction door start or by induction automatic door machine and other major launch system is completed, only the door leaf is made of glass, so called glass induction door, glass door sensors on the advantages of its good decorative function, and prevent cold heat, we in large supermarket or use the induction door large hotel almost all glass glass materials using induction door made of.

On dynamic principle, electronic electric door and door sensors principle glass door sensors principle is simple introduced here, I hope to help you. For more information, please stay tuned.

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