The price for the bathroom industry is feasible?

[] clearly suggests that the standard price, no bargaining. For consumers, consumption is more transparent, save the goods than three, bargaining trouble, it can save time and effort, worry. Supermarkets and shopping malls many of the products implement blatantly, but for the furniture and building materials products, because of direct marketing, distribution, booth rental fees and other reasons, clearly has been difficult to implement. A few years ago EASYHOME pioneered blatantly in Home Furnishing stores, blatantly for bathroom industry feasible? Terminal sales Sanitary implement blatantly how difficult? How long does it take to blatantly can truly implement?
Bathroom there is bargaining space
In Beijing visited several Home Furnishing stores, Beijing Morning Post reporter found that although the bathroom products are clearly marked, but not during the event, the price in the bathroom brand on the basis of more or less have to price bargaining space, in the range of 300 to 500 yuan. The way to make profits is basically divided into three cases: the brand itself benefits, that is, manufacturers direct or direct supply, the store manager let others, the same brand to buy two or three products may be appropriate concessions. However, the price has been marked “special”, “preferential” words of the product, the price is no room for profit.
For this problem, the reporter interviewed some people in the industry, they are given the answer is clearly, in the bathroom industry is less. Beijing bolina sanitary ware market general manager Wang Jian said that in the bathroom industry, clearly more difficult to implement, most take the form of bargaining. Marco Polo tile Beijing Sales General Manager Shi Feng said, a well-known brand, basically will take blatantly, but niche brands will have high price, low discount. Beijing HeGII sanitary market director Zhao Yongjie also told reporters: building materials market to achieve a clearly less, which is related with the nature of the industry, consumer psychology, market competition etc..
Competition blocking the implementation of code
Gani marble tile promises the personal independence of conduct in the nationwide implementation of all authorized stores blatantly, and threatened to say clearly for unified management and supervision by the headquarters, consumers once found stores not according to the official website of the product sales price can be shown, for adults, Gani marble tile headquarters will double the return difference.
Whether this will set off a new chapter in the ceramic industry blatantly? HeGII Zhao Yongjie told reporters that the sales channels, will cause some disorders on the market price, for example, the network group purchase group purchase residential, consumer groups and individual purchase, give preferential nature is not the same. In addition, more intense competition in the industry, the implementation of the homogenization of serious barriers blatantly. Navigation mark Wang Jian thinks, this is familiar with sanitary ware brand is not strong, concentration is not enough. Sometimes businesses marked price, consumers will still be a bargain, bargain, blocked the implementation of blatantly, also have a certain relation with the consumer shopping psychology. And when Marco Polo Feng believes that for the ceramic industry, many brands can achieve a clearly, but there is a niche brand low price, low discount the impact on the full implementation of the overall market blatantly difficult.
Bathroom vendors are keen on price wars
For ceramic sanitary ware industry in the first implementation of a clearly enterprise, Gani ceramics chairman Li Zhilin explained the intention: to do the global competitive enterprises must have more energy in innovation, improve product quality, improve customer service, rather than stay in the endless vicious price war, blatantly protection the maximum interests of consumers, must clearly is the industry towards standardization. He hopes to have more Home Furnishing building materials brands to join the ranks of the price, withdraw from the price war quagmire, improve the innovation ability and service level, focus on creating value for customers.
In Beijing Sales Manager Marco Polo tile front view, clearly does not conflict and discount promotion. He believes that indicate the product prices, manufacturers profit or store concessions, are in the price basis, not to say that the price of water, but the manufacturers and stores let promotion. HeGII Zhao Yongjie also said that the Home Furnishing building materials, there is no promotion to boost popularity, or achieve that herding. And some promotions are enterprises do not discount, stores for profit, in the final analysis, but also to allow consumers to profit. “ as an enterprise, would like to control prices well, to the terminal implementation will be different. Some businesses in order to perform blatantly, but do not let the loss of customers, will take more than a small gift, participate in sweepstakes and other concessions in the form of gifts, sweepstakes, do not want to cut in disguise. Control the price system as much as possible. “&rdquo,” said Zhao Yongjie HeGII.
Difficult to fully implement within 3-5 years
Respondents said: ceramic sanitary ware dealers and more clearly will be a trend for future development, but difficult to achieve in the short term. Beijing bolina sanitary ware market director Wang Jian said that at least 5 years to 10 years, ceramic sanitary ware industry can achieve a comprehensive price. As far as the Beijing market is concerned, there are a lot of home stores, and the discounts between stores and stores are different. In addition, this is also related to the nature of the building materials industry, consumer spending habits and preferences. Beijing HeGII sanitary market general manager Zhao Yongjie said: difficult to achieve in the short term, the sanitary industry is in a reshuffle stage, small brand survival will become increasingly difficult, and thus be eliminated, so the market development will usher in a small climax, blatantly implementation may be a lot smoother. When Marco Polo Feng also said that within 35 years, the ceramic industry to fully implement blatantly, the ceramic market big brands, small dragons and fishes jumbled together, brand, OEM and other mixed together, which leads to the big brands dare to blatantly. So after the fall out capacity of the brand, the market will realize clearly.

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