The number of Chinese movie screens exceeds the speed of the North American film market

China’s film market into the development of the fast lane

In 2016, a total of 102 imported films were released in China, and the final domestic film made a 58.33% market share, and only 33% of American films. Chinese film in the open pattern, breaking the absolute advantage to occupy more than 75% share of average American movies in the world movie market, contributing to the diversity of the world film culture, but also for the audience China set of cultural identity and national self-confidence.

Creators and audience isomorphism of new forms of market, the domestic good can’t finish

Since eighteen, the domestic movie box office record: at the end of 2012, the small cost of comedy movie “again embarrassed way” will be the first single embarrassed Thai domestic films at the box office up to more than 1 billion yuan; the 2013 Spring Festival, “the west” will drop the article box office record for 1 billion 200 million yuan; 2015 summer, “. Demon Ji” with a wonderful narrative and high technology industry specifications won the audience, the box office up to 2 billion 438 million yuan; the 2016 Spring Festival, science fiction film “Mermaid” attracted about 92000000 viewers into the theater, has kept 3 billion 390 million yuan at the box office record

Behind the high box office, is the audience of the domestic film recognition is improved, the audience for viewing the consumer experience of praise. Popular movie, appeared on the big screen Chinese film more and more diversified: “fireworks” and “bainiaozhaofeng” art film reflects the Chinese film inexhaustible innovative vitality; “journey to the west of the” return “” big fish “and other Begonia animated film, triggering difficult valuable &ldquo ” tap water; rich phenomenon the style, the increasingly rising quality of art and continuous upgrading of the industrial level, China Transformation Driven by what movie?

“ the film industry continues to deepen industrialization reform, stimulate endogenous power, reduce the access threshold, the full release of film and stimulate productivity. “&rdquo,” said Chinese film Limited by Share Ltd chairman, Kang kang.

August 2016 two Chinese film Limited by Share Ltd and Shanghai film Limited by Share Ltd owned film companies listed in continuous 10 days, marriage of state-owned film enterprises and capital market further; at the same time, the emerging private enterprises large-scale emergence become an important pillar of China’s film industry; Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and other Internet Co have set up new movie production organizations into the film industry to the Internet thinking.

According to statistics, Chinese film production in the field of investment is close to 2000, the main ability of venture capital venture capital continued more than 500, a strong change to state-owned enterprises as the main body of a single film mode at the beginning of the new century. From 2012 to 2016, an average of 700 film feature films were produced each year, reaching 772 in 2016, and the story film output ranked among the top three in the world.

Multi type, diversification, variety creation patterns, needs to have plenty of excellent talents for the support film. In recent years, universities, associations and departments continue to promote “ support outstanding youth film script program ” “ green ” personnel training, so that a large number of outstanding young film talent shows itself. “The wolf” “Beijing in Seattle” go to hell “! “Tumor Jun” and so on, if the cadre of high box office films made for the new generation of filmmakers.

Infrastructure to boost the market development, to attract more viewers into the theater

A few years ago, it was difficult to imagine, there are several cinemas near their home, and the cinema every week released several new film, can at any time to see the film, into their favorite movies, see the new movie style, completely different types. Today, all these have become the most realistic portrayal of people’s cultural life in the big and small cities.

In recent 5 years, China’s film market to maintain stable and healthy development, the movie box office rising at an average annual rate of net increase of 10 billion yuan, has become the main engine of the global film market development. In 2016, the national total box office was 49 billion 283 million yuan, an increase of 188.66% compared with 2012.

Since the beginning of 2012, China surpassed Japan to become the world’s second largest film market, and the market gap is gradually narrowing. According to statistics, in 2012, China’s market for the United States 25%, 1.125 times the market is third times, in 2016 it reached 70% of the United States, Japan’s 3.3 times.

The rapid movie infrastructure construction, provide a realistic basis for expanding the size of the market. By the end of 2016, the number of screens in China was 41179, 2.14 times that of 2012, with an average of 19 new screens a day, surpassing the United States and becoming the largest country in the screen. As of March 2017, the number of screens in China reached 44489, more than the whole of North America, from the market capacity to become the world’s largest film market.

Mobile Internet era, in the face of the mobile terminal brings convenient video consumption, how to attract more viewers into the theater? For the audience to create only in the cinema to enjoy the audio-visual experience, is undoubtedly the most important.

At present, our country in the world within the scope of the first comprehensive implementation of digital projection, including 3D screen 38377, accounting for 86.26% of the total screen. In addition, a new generation of high standard construction of the theater is also being promoted by IMAX, ALPD, Chinese IMAX laser projection, Chinese multidimensional sound, Dolby hall technology gets a boost to the theater in the projection technology in the world leading position. At present, the total number of giant screens (IMAX and China’s huge screen) has reached 616, the size of the world’s first.

City viewing consumption level, remote grassroots viewing requirements must also be met. In 2015, China implemented the digital cinema city full coverage, the county theater screen number has reached 17720, accounting for 39.83% of the total, theater construction to achieve a comprehensive coverage of small and medium-sized city, the layout of the structure is more reasonable.

Leveraging the Internet era sailing, new formats to bring a new experience

Only a short while ago, to the movie theater to the audience is tantamount to a large project: “ ” to advance to several cinemas view showing what movie, what are the times; to find a suitable cinema and film, but also to buy a ticket, otherwise came before the opening is likely to buy the tickets sold or, there is no suitable seat now for Chinese audience, as long as the open mobile phone ticketing software, all of which can easily fix.

According to statistics, in 2016 China’s Internet ticket sales have accounted for 76% of the market share, to a certain extent, stabilize the movie fare system, effectively expanding the audiences. Cat eye, Guevara, WeChat movie ticket has become a familiar platform for consumers to buy tickets.

In addition, big data analysis function of the major Internet booking platform based on the data provided to follow the conclusions and suggestions of strategies for the film industry to better understand the audience consumer behavior and market trends. Only through the Internet channel, more and more practitioners realize that only to understand and respect the needs of the audience, to create popular works, and in an efficient way for marketing, to achieve a win-win situation and film industry.

Internet plus film, is also reflected in the rich creative network IP source, Internet companies involved in venture capital, many aspects of film marketing using social networking platform. “ over the past few years, the development of mobile Internet has brought challenges to traditional industries. It once made people talk about “net”. But in fact, taking advantage of the upward development in the wave of mobile Internet China film industry experience has shown that the open positive attitude, not only can win the living space for the development of traditional culture industry, can the development of new formats brings new opportunities. “&rdquo,” said Chen Hongwei, deputy general manager of Tencent pictures.

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