The new generation of digital computer room power supply system is our first choice

With the development of science and technology, our work and life has brought great convenience. In particular, the emergence of computers, but also changed the way we work and living habits. Computer room power supply is the source of our computer equipment, there is a network outage or network instability, in fact, there is a certain relationship with the power room. On the one hand, conveying stability to the connected computer network signal power supply can be stable, on the other hand, it can monitor the remote computer to a certain extent, may our life is not very easy to come into contact with the power supply, but does not mean that it is not important. Today, I would like to introduce you to the next room power solutions.

The power supply of the power supply of the computer room is usually the conversion of the AC current. Therefore, the load in the case of different power supply, the power of the engine room power supply in different platinum load power, the power conversion efficiency curves need reasonable and normative inspection time of the image.

In the solution when the power supply of customization, we should also be rational allocation of energy saving power inside the room, when the general power supply load power between 40-60%, power supply efficiency is the best, the power consumption is minimal.

A new generation of HUAWEI digital Distributed Power Systems are good, different standard AC to DC -48V, for wireless network core room, fixed core room, large gathering site, enterprise communication network core room, data center to provide stable power supply reliability. The system uses 98% rectifier module industry leading efficiency, and have high reliability, intelligent management, simple maintenance etc, can provide a reliable power supply for communication network core room and Data Center DC load.

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